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Romanian duo Livio & Roby are no strangers to the tech house and minimal worlds of electronic music. Together, Robert Precup and Silviu Sandu have released on Desolat, Vakant and Saved Records and also recently joined forces with childhood friend, George G, to form Premiesku; paying homage to more minimal sounds to their work as L&R they’re due to release on both Apollonia (pre-order here) and Desolat later this year. Having permeated an extremely strong Romanian scene – one that could be seen out in force at their set at Sunwaves Festival this year – Livio & Roby now seem to be making it on a bigger stage. With a great grasp on the beginnings of dance music in Romania and their experience within the scene, we invited them to put together a list of their favourite Romanian house and techno tracks, made up of five classics that shaped the scene and their current favourites. Listen as a playlist and read some words about their choices below.

Catch Livio & Roby at Fabric this Saturday, alongside another stalwart of the Romanian scene, Rhadoo. They’ll be playing live as Premiesku and DJing as Livio & Roby. Tickets and info at the Fabric website.

Livio & Roby: Past to Present – A Retrospective Guide to Romanian Music by Stamp The Wax on Mixcloud

5 Classics that helped shape the scene

1. Adrian Enescu – Cuvinte Incrucisate  

This track is from 1983, I guess it had a subliminal impact, it’s kind of electronica and we used to hear this one on TV when we were children.

2. Suie Paparude – Pace & Unitate 

It was 1995, we were really young at that point and this unconventional Romanian band came out with this new wave electronic album. It was totally something else. This breakbeat track definitely made an impact with its raw cutting edge sound.

3. NSK – Totul Vine De La Sine

This housey vocal tune made its mark on the radio in the beggining of the new millennium. Many romanian DJs played a club version in that period.

4. Saint Germain – Rose Rouge (Rhadoo Edit)

We first heard this track in DC10, I think Luciano played it. It was a big contrast at that time, the track came out of nowhere. Very innovative idea from Rhadoo.

5. Petre Inspirescu – Flöete

It’s amazing how Petre combined this folkloric wind instrument with a hypnotic minimal groove in a really refined way. This track is an absolute classic.

5 Current Tracks That Are Doing It For Us Now

1. Cristian Klebleev – Basics (Emi Edit)

Emi is kiling it with his edits and bootlegs. This guy really is a the forefront with his mash ups.

2. Barac – 001B Untitled

Barac keeps delivering amazing hypnotic grooves every time. There are so many great records to dig from this guy, definitely worth your time researching his productions.

3. Lovintza vs Stl – Livio & Roby Edit 

This has been our secret weapon for a long time now. Both tracks share the same harmonic tonality so we thought we might as well combine them and spice things up with some of our grooves.

4. Faster – Omego 

This is definitely one of our favorite tracks to play. Incredible rolling cuts from Faster, as usual.

5. Queen Latifah – How Do I Love Thee (A:RPIA:R Vocal Edit) 

A:rpia:r are droping some special edits and really nice cuts. This is a great example of the uncompromising quality of their output. Find Livio & Roby on FacebookSoundcloud andTwitter.