• Out today, the digital set features Dana Ruh, Marion Poncet and the label boss herself.

      RDV Music, the young house label run by Parisian DJ, producer and Rex Club resident Molly, issued its first compilation today. 

      Récit De Voyage – Volume 1 includes material from both established and lesser-known artists. Molly contributes a track, and joining her are fellow French artists Marion Poncet, AKA Traumer and Roman PoncetRafiki and Point Carré Quintet (a project that counts Rafiki as a member). Dana RuhDJ GLC, Aron and A77EN make up the international contingent for the compilation, which is out now on digital formats. 

      This is the fourth release for RDV, which is short for Récit De Voyage, a name referring to the connections Molly has made with other artists during her travels. The label launched last year and, to date, has put out solo 12-inches from Prophets Of A New Generation and Aybee, along with a split from Aleqs Notal and 1977. 

      Listen to that Ruh cut, « Your Style Plus, » below, plus more tracks on Bandcamp

      01. Point Carré Quintet – Nat Edo 
      02. Dana Ruh – Your Style Plus 
      03. Aron – Miticas Journey 
      04. Marion Poncet – Distant De Touche 
      05. Molly – Quiet Spirit 
      06. Rafiki – Tolok Again 
      07. A77EN – Running 
      08. DJ GLC – Brazilian Affair 

      Récit De Voyage Volume 1 is out now on RDV Music

      Photo credit: Olivier Foeller