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Apollonia Interview ahead of Hï Opening Party Ibiza and Sonus Festival 2017

Set to play the opening party at the brand new Hï club in Ibiza, we catch up with DJ trio, Apollonia ahead of their wild summer on the White Isle as well as playing the fifth edition of Sonus Festival, Croatia. 

Where are you right now?

Dyed and Shonky are in Berlin, and Dan is in Paris. We are all currently preparing to change our base to Ibiza next week, as we do every summer. It’s always an exciting time of year, and we are getting ready for the season ahead.

You’ve got a fair bit of action coming up in Ibiza… what are your thoughts on Hï?

We have only heard lots of good things about Hï, especially about the sounds system and set up so we can’t wait to try it out. It’s a big challenge for them as it is built where Space once was, and Space was a legendary club, but we’re sure they have put all of their energy into making it something special.

How does it feel to be playing the opening party for such a hyped space?

The Ibiza openings are always an important moment for us. Being based somewhere else for half of the year, when we move over to Ibiza it really feels like the true kick off of summer. It’s a privilege to be asked to be part of the starting point for the adventure of Hï

As seasoned Ibiza goers – where’s the best place to find traditional tapas?

It’s funny because when we are in Ibiza, we don’t do the traditional Spanish things, like eating tapas. As we are there living for 6 months it’s a second home so we tend to go to the places we have grown to love, and always like to try the new places that open every summer. Three restaurants we would recommend though, are the ‘Fish Shack’ in Talamanca, ‘La Oliva’ inside the Dalt Villa in the old town of Ibiza, and  ‘Kogo’, a Sushi place in Jesus which is run by a French couple, the food is great and they put a lot of energy into what they do. 

You’re playing quite a variety of festivals across Europe this summer…what is your favourite thing about spending the summer in Europe?

It’s where most of the action is happening. It’s where Ibiza is, and there are festivals in pretty much every county. You get the great weather, the open-air events, and it’s holiday time for most, so wherever you go you go you usually get a good energy. Everyone is happy, and we love it.  Also, for us, it’s much more convenient to travel, we can play two parties in one day, in two different countries, from day to night, which also makes things more exciting. You can manage a busy calendar without being exhausted.

So, you’ve just released a new EP ‘Tyrolien’ – it’s pretty upbeat what did you want to put across with the release?

Shonky: I had a busy winter in the studio, and had a nice collection of fresh of tracks by the end of 2016. We had a great feeling when playing them, so decided they would be perfect for a release on the label. When selecting releases for Apollonia Music, we look for quality tracks we would also want to play out. Whether it’s house or techno, if we get a continually good feeling playing them, then why not put them into a release. I’m very excited about the EP, it’s my first on the label since June 2016.

You’re playing Sonus in August, what are you most looking forward to at the festival?

It’s the fourth year for us, and all previous editions were the bomb! It’s always nice to work with such a professional team. The vinyl decks always work well, the sound system, the location. It’s in the middle of summer so it’s a great energy. We particularly have good memories of last year when we stayed on a few days and enjoyed Croatia, as did a lot of our friends. It felt like a mini holiday, and time to breath amongst all the madness.

It’s going to be a big one as it’s the fifth anniversary, will you get any time to see other acts and party yourselves?

We would love to stay and party and chill as we did last year, but it all depends on our schedule at the time. 

How do you like to spend the day when in Croatia?

Eating good food, chilling in the sun, then checking out some parties and getting inspired by the music you hear. A mixture of relax, and action.

As a band of DJs – what’s the dynamic like? Who’s the wildest, who’s the parent?

We all have our devil and angel inside of us . If you are tired and it’s time to chill, then chill, and if you are feeling wild and the vibe is right, then you go for it, but you really have to feel it. One thing we all do have in common is we take our job very seriously, and put all of our passion into it, and because of this we need the balance between both. We love our lifestyle, sometimes you have to be serious and responsible, and sometimes you can completely let go!

With there being three of you does this increase your ability to produce new material?

It’s makes it a different exercise, and it increases the fact we have more quality control, as there are three critics instead of one.

Getting to travel the world to perform – where’s been the most interesting place your careers have taken you?

It’s such a luxury and pleasure to be able to travel the world with your best friends and go to amazing places.  For us what truly matters is a good sound system, a good crowd, and you can be anywhere in the world. 

When you’re not performing – where’s the best place to chill out for a holiday?

It can be anything from a week long spa in the sun, to skiing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be far away from home or extravagant.

Shonky: Honestly though, when I get time off, the best place to chill for me in particular is at home because it’s rare time you take for yourself and with the people you love, not having to think about travelling, and being in your own bed.

Catch Apollonia this summer in Ibiza and playing the legendary fifth edition of Sonus Festival in Croatia, 20th – 24th August.

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By Hannah Shakir