Though a staple of Paris’ house scene, Le Loup’s record collection is boundless. It’s where bouncy 4/4 club cuts meet deep funk grooves, where Detroit techno intertwines with vibrant jazz. And such wide-spanning influences make for sublime productions. Take as examples: the muted shuffling rhythms and Nina Simone vocals on his 2009 debut See Line; the glowing, minimal loops on 2015’s release on Æternum Music; or the fluttery ascension of keys of Champagne Magnum on Concrete 7. With the launch of his label Shadow Play alongside his partner Pura last year opening a new outlet for this creativity, Le Loup runs us through ten tracks which have shaped his sound and his vision.

Weather Report Non-Stop Home

I discovered Weather Report through my uncle a few years ago and since then they have become one of my main influences and my favorite jazz band. This track shows how ahead of their time they were. It’s a modern and timeless piece of music. 

Will Sessions Kindred

Will Sessions is the name of a funk band from Detroit who mixing electronic influences with jazz. If you don’t know them you’d could easily be fooled into thinking they’re from the seventies. 


David Caron Fantasy on a Fantasy

One of my favourite producers. He doesn’t have that many releases out there but every single one is on point. He has a very modern style which blends electronic styles with jazz, with a contemporary twist. 

Uriel Cosmic Breeze

Scott Edward is really versatile producer, his project Uriel is more about future jazz. We’re releasing music made under another alias of his, Ultra-Modern Art, on Shadow Play, it’s due to hit the streets this month.

Kabuki Tempest (Atjazz Remix)

This is a beautiful remix by Atjazz! It was actually one of my first purchases, believe it or not, and it’s still fresh as ever. Love it.


Nubian Minds Forgotten Parts

Now this is a total classic by Nubian Mindz. This is the bridge between breaks, future jazz and drum’n’bass. Absolutely beautiful.

Ebi Ryuu

I wanted to add something from Susumu Yokota to this playlist and I decided to choose this one after deliberating for a while. Some breaky percussion and a mystical melody takes you away to a place you’ve never been before.


Mike Poynter Elysium Groove

I love this track because it’s very simple and pure. That is proper Detroit house to me. This producer is a bit of an enigma, seemingly responsible for very few releases but all at a very high level.

Sluts’n’Strings & 909 Dig This?

I wanted to finish with a hip hop vibe so here is a little something from a great album I found recently in a shop in Paris called Heartbea,. Ever since I bought it I just haven’t been able to stop listening to it.


4E Don’t Fuck With Nails

A crazy letfield acid piece of music this is… with a huge hip hop influence. Monster!

Words: Josie Roberts