Sourc: Local Suicide




The first Soundtrack To Your Night In of 2018, comes courtesy of Parisian powerhouse Molly. The Christmas commotion has died a death, leaving in its wake a plethora of pale, chubby and penniless souls, but fear not for we have a fine selection of tracks to lift your spirits.

As an inquisitive soul, Molly’s curiosity for club music was sparked after a particularly special trip to London years ago. On her return to France she began delving deeper into the electronic music realm, building an impressive record collection and professional reputation simultaneously. Known for delivering the coolest of sets thanks to her fantastic track selection that pleases both techno and house lovers alike, it comes as no surprise that Molly has been touring extensively throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. When she isn’t continent-hopping she can be found in residency at Paris’ legendary and long-standing Rex Club.

With a truly eclectic taste in music, we are delighted to have her be the first Soundtrack selector of 2018.


“The song that I could not stop singing in my room as a child, I was driving my parents crazy with it.”

I love to listen to classical music, it’s my relaxing time, I guess it’s my ‘romantic/french’ side.”

The father of Ethio Jazz. One of the best concerts I’ve been to recently”

The perfect track before going out, to put yourself in the right mood, and the clip is fantastic”

Molly plays at RED58 in Barcelona tonight, for more dates click here.