Inside Out: D\'Julz

Wednesday 11 December, 2013. Text: Adrian McCavour.


D’Julz’s music tastes are broad, lending to his fantastic and eclectic DJ sets. We decided to find out what tunes he lives by, both in the club and at home.

Which record do you prefer to listen to on a lazy Sunday?
I really enjoyed the latest The Orb album, otherwise some King Tubby or John Coltrane is perfect to chill.

What music do you put on when your parents come over for coffee?
Whatever I was listening to before they arrived. They are pretty open-minded. Anyway, I wouldn’t leave them the choice.

How about when your girlfriend comes over for coffee?
Mr. G sent me this amazing mix of rare soul and funk song that is perfect for raising the temperature up.

What is currently the first record of your DJ set?
I usually start my sets differently depending on the venue, the time and the vibe, but I generally start deep and build up from there. Last night, I started with a Delano Smith remix of the new Hector EP on Tsuba.

Which track keeps coming back into your sets (or you just can’t get rid of)?
Old Boo Williams tracks like Flashback or Big Fat Woman never left my crate.



Are there any tracks you have seen your colleagues overlook, but you include in your sets?

Anything on the Swedish label Karlovak. I love and play everything they have released so far. It should get more attention, and I’m sure it will soon.

Is there a record that you find to be unmixable, but you still include it in your sets?

A lot of records become unmixable when I’m drunk. That’s why I keep my distance from booze when I play.

What is the most unorthodox track you use to blow up the dance floor?
I do a lot of my own edits at the moment. Some of them can be unorthodox, but they always do the job right.

Is there a record you spin to get the attention back if you see the dance floor drain?
‘Track 06’ from Jordan Peak’s forthcoming Late One Thursday Night EP on Bass Culture. If this bomb doesn’t get the dance floor back, nothing else will and I’m in trouble.



What is your favourite non-electronic record?
Prince’s Crystal Ball bootleg LP. It’s a triple album version of [1987’s] Sign o’ the Times that never came out in its original form, and that’s a fucking shame!

What is the current last record of your DJ set?
Again, each set is different, but I always have a few ‘end of the night’ classics with me. For an epic/emotional ending, I would play François K’s “Time & Space.” Or, for  a ‘one more’ kind of tune, I usually play an old funk or disco tune, like Nick Straker Band’s “A Little Bit of Jazz.”