Everyone knows june is a perfect starter for a sunny and warm summer. Despite the lack of a good weather in Paris it’s the perfect way to fly away and going to Barcelona for the Sonar Festival. As the city has inspired a lot of artists and labels, we feel the need to have some words about a great man. We are working very tightly with him since early this year and we are very proud to follow him through his career and boundaries he’s trying to push forward into the house music industry.
Regarding this forthcoming showcase at Barcelona, we had the pleasure to interview the nice Terence. Full details below.
Hello Terence ! Still a pleasure to write to you since we are working together this year : La Vie En Rose is a very slightly emotional outfit for music lovers and we were very happy about the release from Javier Carballo. What are your forthcoming projects upon your label ?
Hi Karisma, well after the nice responses we had from the three last releases ( Hanfry Martinez EP, John Dimas LP, Javier Carballo EP), i have to say that im really happy about the next LVR09 , it’s gonna be Boris Horel (from Eklo to name a few), with a really special remix by the new talented London Band Acid Mondays. Plus we have some really interesting releases coming too…
We saw that you are hardly linked with Spain … What’s your story about this country and why are you so involved with the music industry there ?
I decided to move with my gf in Madrid to create our press Fashion Agency (www.audreyterenceagency.com). i have always played in Spain, also a lot in Ibiza with my DJ agency crew Lola ED. I love this country, the way and quality of life so far….
Im not so involved in the music industry here as im running the label between Paris and Madrid. we are starting to make parties in Madrid with my friends Roberto Martin from Fact and my partner Jordi from our party AvantGarde. we had Dan Ghenacia and Livio & Roby who came down recently.
We were at the Sonar Festival last year and we have really enjoyed the Half Baked party. It’s amazing to see you playing this year during the Off sessions but is it the first time that you will come ?
No I’ve been playing to Sonar really often, Half Baked vs Lola ED last year was wicked when I went back to back with Franck Roger, but yes this year will be the first Showcase of my Label La Vie En Rose vs Overall Music, my Canarian family. It’s at an amazing venue in front of the beach called Cdlc, we will have artists from both labels: John Dimas, Hanfry Martinez, Adam Shelton, Javier Carballo and a special guest from Apollonia. We are so excited about that, these two young labels are growing and it’s a big opportunity for us.
We have the feeling that you are working alone but Lola ED isn’t so far away from you … what is your relationship with the agency, do you feel the need to entertain your label with Lola ?
Yes of course, when i moved to Spain i was thinking about that but you know we all grew up together in Paris making our sound and imprint, and now many of us are living in different european countries. With the internet we are talking all the time and sharing ideas every days. All the Lola ED artists with their own labels are working with the agency, finding the best way for them.
We know what the label is but regarding yourself … Have you some materials to be signed soon ?
Yes the main idea concerning La Vie En Rose was to develop something new, with a new crew of talented artists who were following me in the past. Now we are almost at the 10th release and yes of course we will have an EP from myself as soon as posible on La Vie En Rose. Also I’m finishing a remix for Alex Arnout for Dogmatik, and also an EP for Turquoise Blue.
Some few words to cap off this interview ?
Yes we are really looking forward to our Showcase at Off Sonar 2013 with a lot of emotion and energy. Over the last year I’ve been working hard for the label, i hope that the audience will notice it and enjoy our party in Barcelona.
Huge thanks to Terence to support your work and to trust us.