Djebali's Music Motion & Movement

MMM are bringing underground French mainstay Djebali to London for an exclusive bash this weekend at Nomad London. The French club kid runs his Djebali imprint (specially for his analogue productions) after debuting for DC10 in 2011. Plying the deeper and groovier side of 4-4 music, the name is gearing up for a busy Summer alongside friends Dan Ghenacia and the Apollonia gang. Read on for a catch up as Mehdi talks vinyl, analogue, playing London and his deep love for Ibiza.

Djebali your name is interesting.. Is this a cultural signifier? What does it mean? It’s actually just my surname ! Funny thing it starts with « DJ » and a lot of people at the beginning called me Ebali, but in full it’s Mehdi Djebali!

As we speak to you you’re replying from Ibiza… Do you have a busy summer there this year? Yes I will spend all the summer here in the Apollonia villa, like last year … I love the island, there’s a lot of different parties and so many artists in the same place it’s amazing ! For me, the first gigs here will be a boat party end of may with Ibiza Sonica, and Circoloco the 3rd June.

What’s the best place that you’ve played in your career this far and for what reason? There are several actually, but i’ll say DC10 for the vibe and its legendary status, and also the Lottus afterhours in Porto – the people over there are so nice, i loved the energy there. And last but not least, Womb club in Japan : it truly was a dream come true playing there!

When playing in London specifically, what do you like about the crowds here? How does the city seem unique to you? I’m always impressed by the number of parties in London… This city is unique cause you can find a party everywhere : under a bridge, in a public toilet, in big warehouse…. It s crazy !! And there is a true culture of electronic music : the crowd is really involved in the music.

What’s coming up on the release schedule? Are you looking like a busy man? Yes! Just finished ( djebali 07 ), gonna be out begining of june… and starting to work on ( djebali 08 ). Also got a remix coming on Turquoise Blue and another one for Jef K’s label, Silver Network.

The French scene seems to morph and change shape as time goes on – what are your thoughts about the Parisian scene in general? I’m proud of Paris ! A lot of things happened in the last few years. I remember 5 years ago, the nightlife was dying in Paris and it was hard to find good parties, except in big clubs. Now a lot of new promoters are making amazing parties and pushing the Parisian scene forward. There’s also a lot of great djs of differrent styles… I guess paris is back worldwide.

You were a key figure on the Freak n chic label… Are there any plans to get involved with Apollonia in the future as yet? Nothing planned yet but be sure there will be! We are really close so we just wait for the right project, as i spend a lot of time on my own imprint these days…

What can we expect from you when you play for MMM? What do your current dj sets sound like? It depends on a lot of things, like the location, the capacity, the vibe and the time when you play ! but it will be house, warm, with a lot of groove and maybe a little bit wild!

Give us three tracks that have been a permanent fixture in your record bag…

Romanthony – Let me show your love (RIP)

Chez Damier – KMS49

DJ Assassin – A Face in The Crowd – Intellidread mix

Finally are you still pursuing your (djebali) run of analogue, vinyl only productions? What is it about this idea that warranted its own series? It allows me to release exactly what i want, when i want – this is the real luxury I think, that is not possible when releasing on someone else’s label. And it’s important i get music out to people quickly while it’s still fresh ! So I’ll continue the series as long as i can… check the new release 07 coming in June.