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Hold Youth: 8 favourite French artists

Hold Youth: 8 favourite French artists

Hold Youth is the collaboration between French house maestros Seuil and Le Loup. The pair marry fine house with minimal cuts and have become firm favourites as a duo in Paris, where they hold a residency atthe Rex Club, as well as further afield, and the partnership has also spawned a respected imprint under the same name. The Gallic twosome are regulars at London’s Half Baked parties, which they are set to hit this Easter Sunday. Ahead of their appearance we asked the pair to talk us through some of their favourite French musicians and they’ve delivered a comprehensive list of talent.


Probably one of our first sources of inspiration. Around this time I was listening a lot of hip hop and then I came into contact with the house scene through this kind of stuff! It’s crazy how much their music has remained as fresh as it was all the way back then! Without the Hold Youth project, there are a lot of influences, like jazz or hip hop, with a modern touch. If you get a chance to listen to their album ‘Ezio’, you will understand what I mean. They managed to make music that really transcends and touches everyone, timeless stuff!

Trankilou (Ark & Pépé Bradock)

When Ark & Pépé started to produce music together, the French Touch movement in France was big. In those days, very few people, apart from them or Motorbass, were doing different stuff; this deeper sound which took influence from the legacy of hip hop. They created something which, for us, was proper French Touch, with sampling and grooves. They’re big inspiration for us individually and together even if they only produced very few records.

Chris Carrier

Chris is a true legend! He started to release music in the beginning of the 2000s with Guillaume La Tortue (who is also a big legend for the French) on labels like Combustible or his own imprint, Adult Only! His music is a real combination of many styles like hip hop, jazz or techno. He really is a real pioneer in the underground house and techno scene in France and he is super prolific too. Chris has always been a big inspiration for us and when we started to work with him with the label it felt like a real accomplishment. As with Jef, he’s still touring and producing a lot.


Krikor Kouchian is part of the same era as Ark, Pepe Bradock and Motorbass. he started to release at the end of the NINETIEs. His style is really special, it’s like a blend of old classics and modern styles, like minimal! He was one of the first people to use micro sampling for example! You have to check his music on Root Down, which was his label at the time. I remember one record in particular ‘Lost Souls’, in 1999… Killer!


Jean-Guillaume is the pioneer of the French minimal sound. He started to release his first tracks in the early 2000s right at the beginning of the minimal wave. He’s probably the first French producer to connect with all the German crew from Perlon, like Zip or Ricardo Villalobos and he was a close friend of Detroit king Daniel Bell, who is one of our big inspirations, too. He is also known for his collaborative projects with Ark, as Copacabanark, and David Gluck, as Ultrakurt. He used to deliver this jazzy minimal, sound… kind of rooted in Mathew Herbert’s vibe. Today he is one of the main faces of one of Paris’ best underground parties, the mighty Concrete.

Jef K

Jef is a real pioneer, he started to mix records in 1992 and he still touring a lot, and you know how hard it is to stay that bus and relevant in this business. In the French scene he probably inspired every new generation of house DJ. He always supported the American sound from Chicago, Detroit or San Fransisco and that’s what he brings with his own imprint. Silver Network has been around for almost 16 years and it’s still relevant, this is quite an achievement. Respect Mr Jef K!

Pierre Schaeffer

Pierre Schaeffer was a French composer, noted as the inventor of Musique Concrete. He is generally acknowledged as being the first composer to make music using magnetic tape. He met Pierre Henry in 1949 and the two founded the Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrète called GRMC! This formed the foundations of sound experimentation and electronic music. They inspired all the music you hear today, no doubt…

Alex & Laetitia (Katapult)

Katapult was the first record shop where we first discovered micro house. They used to have all the Perlon releases there, stacked up, looking brightly-coloured and fresh. You couldn’t miss them!Their festival “Sensible” in 2004 in Nouveau Casino had a crazy line up; Daniel Bell, Cabanne live, Pantythec live, Zip, Baby Ford. It was the first time many of these artists had ever been presented to us here in Paris during those three days. It was revelation, because it was not only minimal but more cerebral and still melodic, which was quite different to the progressive or electro movement of the early 2000s. Still, today they are following their musical vision offering an alternative to the established Parisian promoters, putting on parties outside the clubs and curating line-ups that are visionary and uncompromising.

Thursday 2nd April: Hold Youth Residency @ Rex Club, Paris:

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