John Dimas is a fixture of the contemporary minimal house scene. Since 2009, the Greek producer’s music has John Dimas - One Against Timesurfaced on established labels such as Bass Culture, Claap, One Records and Raum…musik. As Matt Unicomb noted in his review of Dimas’ Multiverse in 2016, « John Dimas is among a handful of modern, loop-based house producers who are much-loved but don’t get widespread attention. » It may be that the conventional qualities in his music have held him back from standing out in the past compared to, say, an artist like Binh. 

One Against Time, his debut album, is far from a complete departure for him—there are plenty of the straight-up 4/4 grooves for which he’s known. « Legoland » rides a shuffle that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Trapez record from 2007. « Stardance » has the quirky flavour of the microhouse you’d find on the French label Minibar. Though familiar, they’d be worthy additions to any minimal DJ’s record bag. « Lost & Found, » though, puts an interesting twist on the template. Its limber garage swing and deft keys align with the sparse, funky sound of El-B’s work on the label Ghost. 

The album’s opening tracks are among its most imaginative. « Into My Mind » dislodges the tropes of jazzy, shuffly minimal and pings them around a fractured, spacious soundscape. « Digital Moon » has a fuller rhythm section, but it’s still a comfortable distance from the dance floor, all lazy 2-step drums, occasional sparkles of distant pads and artfully time-stretched vocal snippets. « Riko’s Trip » goes into downtempo mode with a beat that recalls ’90s-era Mo’ Wax. There are electro-flavoured cuts here, too, namely « Flying Asteroids » and « SikRet Universe. » While Dimas applies a wriggly, needlepoint approach to these tracks, the LP’s best moments are those that break furthest from his roots. « Cosmic Epiphany, » a highlight for this reason, pits a 2-step skitter against a swathe of celestial brushstrokes that recall B12. 

Dimas has not made a starkly original album here—it’s hard not to hear some obvious reference points throughout the LP. But, even if no boundaries have been shattered, One Against Time is a success. Well executed and richly varied, the album shows Dimas’ full range.

  • Tracklist / 
    01. Into My Mind 
    02. Digital Moon 
    03. Riko’s Trip 
    04. Delusions 
    05. Legoland 
    06. One Against Time 
    07. Stardance 
    08. Flying Asteroids 
    09. Lost & Found 
    10. Space Tastes Lonely 
    11. Dreamweaver 
    12. Cosmic Epiphany 
    13. SikRet Universe 
    14. Out Of My Mind