Posted: 14/10/13

Jef K goes to ADEConsidering that he’s been making, playing and releasing house music since the early 90s, France’s Jef K is definitely one of those in dance music who’s in it for the long haul. With one of the industry’s premier gatherings, Amsterdam Dance Event, due to start on Wednesday, it’s a more than appropriate time to reflect on what’s been, and what will be in years to come.

“It’s true that I’ve seen a lot in this dance culture since the early 90s,”Jef told I Voice. “I am so happy that I was able to live it from the beginning and from the inside, but I still try to keep my ears fresh, and to always keep the fun when I am in the studio or going out to play”.

Himself a behind-the-scenes player over the years with his Silver Network label and beyond, Jef has also partnered with France’s Lola ED agency, and he’ll be representing during ADE at a special gig that’ll be showcasing some of its finest talent.

I Voice checked in to find out more.

As house music is your thing, I’m sure you’d be finding plenty of records at the moment that you’d be excited about. What’s your current take on house music? And what are your feelings on the whole ‘deep house’ debate that’s starting to play out?
I don’t really know about this debate you are talking about, but I have been playing HOUSE music for more than 20 years. It can be new music or old, deep or techno or anything else, as long as it has a wicked bassline and fits into my musical journey…

To answer your question, I think there’s a lot of interesting music coming out from everywhere now, and I don’t think there are boundaries anymore. There was a time when you could guess which country a record was from by just listening to a few minutes, now this time is over and all the influences have mixed together.

It’s the story you are telling when making music or playing records that makes the difference… But actually it’s pretty funny to see the style of music which is in the ‘deep house’ section of Beatport. Of course it’s not the same ‘deep house’ sound as it used to be back in the day, but in the end it’s only words, only music which counts, the boundaries are over.

It’s the story you are telling when making music or playing records that makes the difference…You’re truly a veteran, and you’ve been involved in dance music since the early 90s. What are your sentiments on how wider dance culture is progressing in 2013?
It’s true that I’ve seen a lot in this dance culture since the early 90s! I am so happy that I was able to live it from the beginning and from the inside, but I still try to keep my ears fresh, and to always keep the fun when I am in the studio or going out to play.

Some people are becoming really too serious and make it such a business, so that it becomes boring… In the 90s we didn’t have mobile phones, the Internet or Facebook, so the whole scene was very different. We were renting a car to leave Paris for the day and go record shopping in Belgium or Holland, and things like that they don’t exist anymore. I miss the freshness from this period sometimes.

Jef K goes to ADEA big part of your career has been your role with running different record labels, and A&Ring new talent. What’s your involvement behind the scenes in 2013?
My label Silver Network is still going, but a little bit asleep nowadays. We released more than 40 vinyl since 1999, and it’s so time demanding that I decided to take a little break and focus on my own productions.

But Silver Network is not dead! I have a few yummy projects to finish and put out as soon as possible. To me, it’s very important to keep the fire burning and keep an ear on the newcomers. So watch out for some new releases soon!

Tell us a bit about the gigs you’ll be playing during ADE.
I am for sure looking forward to this year’s ADE. I’ve played so many times inAmsterdam since the 90s and always had a really good welcome there. Clubs, soundsystems, party people and course the DJs are amazing, and the city is so beautiful! ADE is always special as you have all your friends coming over from allEurope and beyond to party hard. Good times ahead!

This year will be a good one for me as I am playing two gigs. Firstly, on Thursday 17th October at Beatclub, the new club of I will go back-to-back with my old mate Chris Carrier. We were invited by our friends Lauhaus and Kabale Und Liebe from the label Soweso.

And on Saturday 19th, Chris and I have been invited by Stassy from Watergate,Berlin at Amstelhaven. We will be joined by mister Terence:Terry to complete theLola-ED showcase. Also And-Id will do a live show, which should be a great one also!

As you mentioned, one of the shows you’ll be playing will be a showcase for Lola ED, a France-based artist promotions company. Tell us a bit about your involvement with them.
Lola ED is like a family, we all know each other so well, we have been travelling and partying together for so many years. I am really happy to be part of it, and really proud of the success of everybody, especially Apollonia who are killing it right now, it’s great and so well deserved. Also happy that my mate John Dimas has just joined the family!

Jef K goes to ADEYou’ve travelled a fair amount throughout your career. Are you keeping it close to home at the moment in terms of where you’re based?
Yes, I’ve been lucky to travel all over the world several times and meet so many great people in all the continents. I am always ready to experience new places, for example I will go on tour in Canada next month which is surprisingly a country I’ve never visited before, despite touring in theUSA around 20 times! Really looking forward to it!

What’s coming up over the next 12 months for Jef K?
I’ve been working hard in the studio recently, and hopefully the tunes will be out soon. I have a three-track EP finished with Chris Carrier, and I also have a techy project withJedsa Soundorom, a hip-house one with Rhythm & Soulfrom Madrid following our project on his superb label Slow Town, a collaboration with Sasse from Moodmusic Berlin, and of course a few more with Alex Murak and Gwen Maze under the name Silver Team. Plus lots of gigs around Europe and beyond are planned. See you somewhere this autumn or winter! Peace.

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