Dyed Soundorom talks Apollonia and WMC

Gaby Izarra March 16, 2012 0

Dyed Soundorom talks Apollonia and WMC

Back to back to back, ‘cause two backs just aren’t enough for the Apollonia trio made up of Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom. With the recent birth of their label, the threesome is ready to show Miami the Parisian party way at the Apollonia label launch party at Treehouse March 20.

mybeatFix was lucky to hook up with Dyed Soundorom of the trio to hear more about the inception of the label, his background in music and the launch party.

Read the interview below, check out the label’s first release and click here to buy tickets to the Apollonia at Treehouse March 20.

You began promoting, DJing and producing after a request from a Parisian club owner to “put on a party with an underground sound”. How long ago was this and what was your reaction to that? How has it shaped who you are as an artist today?
I was just a teenager getting into clubbing, buying records and playing music in my bedroom. I was going to Les Bains Douche every weekend, more of a commercial club. We went to hang out with girls, and at the same time I had just discovered after-parties and the underground scene at the Batofar. I was approached by Les Bains Douche because they knew I was friends with some of the underground DJs, and they wanted to launch an ‘underground’ night. Obviously it was great when they asked me. I loved organizing the parties. But I soon I realized my passion was in fact to be a DJ and not a promoter. It was really the thing that pushed me to pursue a career in DJing.

Apollonia KoteroApollonia Kotero

The name of your label, Apollonia, refers to the 80s actress and singer Apollonia Kotero. What drew you to her?
Well the concept behind the label was inspired by our musical upbringing on Prince, and as you said, Apollonia refers to the lead singer of Prince’s group Apollonia 6. Prince defined the Minneapolis sound – a meeting of black music and white soul, and this is what we try to achieve from an electronic music point of view.

How did you, Shonky and Dan Ghenacia decide to launch the label Apollonia?
Shonky and I had wanted to start a label together for some time, and with the closure of Freak n’ Chic (Dan Ghenacia’s label that we had been releasing on) it was the perfect time for all three of us to start something together. So we launched our new label Apollonia, which is also our moniker when DJing back to back to back. The aim was to provide a platform for us to release our own music, but we’re also really open to releasing other producers that the three of us like. The debut EP from Shonky The Minneapolis Touch has just been released, and the second EP by Shonky and Dan with a remix by The Mole is dropping soon in April. My releases and remixes will follow later in the year. We also have some pretty cool Apollonia label showcases planned – we’ll be playing together at WMC Miami 2012, Fabric London, Il Muretto Venice, and of course watch out for a few special parties in Ibiza this summer!

Apollonia’s label launch party is going to be at Treehouse on March 20, where the three of you will be playing back to back to back. What can we expect from the show? Also, what’s your relationship with LINK?Apollonia
Dan and Shonky played a really cool party with LINK last year in Miami so we are working with them again for the Apollonia showcase. I personally feel we play our best when we play back to back all together. It’s great because we have a long set (five hours) to express ourselves and really get deep into the mix, taking some exciting risks with the music along the way.

How important is Winter Music Conference in Miami versus other conferences? Is there even anything else in the world like it?
A lot of people are coming from Europe and around the world, gathering to celebrate electronic music. I mean, it’s the best for outdoor, daytime pool parties. The vibe is always crazy. A lot of important artists play there so it’s the perfect place to discover what’s going to be massive in the summer, and it’s interesting to get an idea of the new kinds of music being played and released.

You’re playing a few different venues during conference this year — Treehouse, The Shelborne and The Surfcomber. How do you prepare a set for different kinds of events, like a small intimate room versus a gigantic pool party?
I don’t really prepare my sets. I just go with the flow and the vibe. Actually, it’s less about the size of the crowd and more about the sound system.

One awesome WMC memory: The first time I went to the Sunday School party, Cassy played such an amazing set I changed my flight to stay a couple more days. :)

One sucky WMC memory: Hey, it’s Miami! No bad memories!