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Djebali | DJEBALI Vol 4 (Vinyl Only)

Tracks A1 Thugs On The Corner
B1 Hunting Back
Genre House/Deep House

Format Vinyl Only


Release Date 28th May 2012

Link (djebali)


At Hot Plastic we believe Vinyl is fast becoming a form that in recent years has been more apparent in the Deep House / Techno scene. Not only is vinyl still attracting the old skool DJ, it seems many upcoming young DJ’s are also taking to record stores and purchasing these tangible gems! At the forefront of this recent vinyl revival is Mehdi Djebali

Not only a credible and accomplished DJ, Mehdi Djebali is part of the highly acclaimed DJ roster Lola ED and founder of his own record label (djebali).  We now find ourselves at the 4th sequel and it keeps getting better and better!  After the cry out for a reissue of (djebali03) it’s becoming clear that Djebali is pulling all the right strings when it comes to producing top quality house music. He pulls those strings a little further with the release of (djebali04). Two real solid deep house tracks with a raw Detroit feel have been let off the leash and will now find a home in just a few lucky record bags.

(A)   Thugs On The Corner – A track on a classic Detroit house tip creates a  deep raw true sensation and is sure to be a timeless hit. Swinging high hat combinations, lightly yet effectively, dance their way alongside a firm kickdrum and under toned bassline. The warmth of a pad endures throughout the track and to put the cherry on the cake a male speech vocal completes this classic Deep House beauty.  

(B)   Hunting Back – Maintaining the EP’s raw character, Huntng Back increases the vibe slightly with a bassline that leans more towards the forefront of the track. The breakdown is stripped right back achieving more of a knockout punch when regaining its full groove. Melodies of vocals drift in and out alongside a panning, euphoric synth pad to complete another timeless addition to Djebali’s discography.

In an industry where convenience seems to be replacing artistry, it can be challenging to discern which tracks to play.  With limited vinyl releases such as (djebali04) it becomes nigh on impossible not to want to be one of the few DJ’s able to pull this showstopper out the bag. So be quick, reserve your copy at your local record store while they last, and play it loud and proud!
Reviewed by – Harry Matisse