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D\'Julz\'s Top 5 Nights At Rex Club

Monday 27 January, 2014.

Image: Stephane Ghenacia. Text: Julien Veniel.


Owner of the night, Parisian DJ D’Julz has been one of Rex Club’s longest serving residents. His Bass Culture nights have been synonymous with attracting some of the community’s biggest names and more provocative talents. The Bass Culture label celebrates it’s 4th anniversary, with a dedicatory mix CD by the man himself. In honour of the occasion we asked the Parisian to list some of his more memorable moments from his time behind the decks of Rex.

July 22nd 2012
20 years of Djing
 – 40 years old
15 years of Bass Culture
For this triple anniversary I had to think of a very special guest. It had to be someone very influential in my career since its start and who I never had invited before. I didn’t have to think long, because the choice was obvious: Laurent Garnier.  He is one of the first DJs I ever heard play house and is also a good mate, but we never had the chance to play together at the Rex because we both had are own nights there. To make the event even more special I invited another friend and very influential Parisian DJ from the 90s: Jerome Pacman.

It was also the first time my dad came to hear me play ever which made it even more memorable. The strangest thing to happen that has never happened before at one of my nights: the power cut out for 20 minutes right in the middle of the party, which were probably the longest minutes of my career. Luckily the crowd thought it was done on purpose and started to sang happy birthday to me. Pretty emotional moment as you can imagine.


December 18th & 19th, 2012
Bass Culture Weekender
The Rex asked me to think of a two-night party to cover Saturday and Sunday. I had to come up with my biggest line up ever, so decided to invite some of the most regular guests at that time: Cassy, Tobi Neumann and Dyed Soundorom who would be in charge of kicking things off, while I decided to play on Sunday night with Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos.

The first night couldn’t have gone better and the excitement for part two was colossal. But then shit happened, or snow happened should I say. Both Raresh and Ricardo’s flight from Romania was canceled because of a snow storm. Needless to say the disappointment was proportional to the previous excitement. I had one hour to come up with a plan B. Luckily all the DJs who played the first night were still here, so we all ended up playing back to back all nightlong. The club was still packed due to Ricardo’s fans coming in from all over the country, but I’m proud to say we made them forget about his absence. Until this day this remains one the best vibes I have ever seen in the club.



February 1998
Terry Francis @ Bass Culture
That year marked of a very important moment in defining the musical identity of the Bass Culture nights. I had started my night one year before to offer something different from the overdose of the so-called French filter-disco sound which had completely lost its plot. My sound had always been more mixed with the deep, dubby and sometimes techier approach. But when I invited Terry Francis to play in France for the first time, he brought this sound to another level and really defined which is still today the perfect definition of what real tech house is. I sometimes listen to the recording of his set and honestly I could still today play every single record he played that night. In other words: Timeless.

Several ‘all nighters’ throughout the course of the year
I’ve had the chance to play several all nighters at The Rex; sometimes they have been well prepared, some other times more improvised because a guest missed the last flight for instance. But in general I always keep memories of wonderful nights.

There are not that many clubs that allow a DJ to play a seven-hour set and to be honest there’s not too many clubs where I would feel comfortable enough to do so.
The Rex being like home, it’s naturally where it worked the best for me. You really can push your limit in terms of styles, taking more risk going deeper or harder than you would normally do and really taking people on a journey, while tremendously improving your skills while doing so. It’s the original and ultimate DJ experience.

July 14th 1999
Kenny Hawkes @ Bass Culture, Rex Club
In the 90s Kenny Hawkes, among a few others (Terry Francis, Dimitri from Amsterdam, Josh Wink, Doc Martin,) was one of my most regular guests and in addition to being a friend, he will remain one of the my all time favorite DJs. Sharing the decks together was always bliss and made complete sense style wise.

I particularly remember this one Bass Culture party that started really bad and ended up being one of the best ones.
It was the 14th of July and I was warming up while Kenny had gone back to his hotel to grab his records. The club was packed and vibing when I started to notice an unusual smoke. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the club waiting for the firemen to come and look for the source of that smoke.

I remember the face of Kenny arriving at the club at 2am while 500 clubbers and I where waiting outside for the party to start again. The firemen didn’t find the firecracker that had landed in ventilation system of the building until the next day so we had to move to a warehouse party that we crashed bringing Kenny and hundreds of people from the premature closed club. Needless to say nobody complained. The party was saved!

This is Bass Culture: 4 years of Bass Culture Records mixed by D’Julz is out January 24 on Bass Culture Records. Order here.