Different Language catch up with Shonky

Parisian DJ & Producer Olivier Ducreux aka Shonky chats to Different Language on the new Apollonia project, going back to vinyl and upcoming showcases with Dyed Soundorom and Dan Ghenacia.

Different Language: Hi Shonky, how is life for you at the moment?

Shonky: Pretty good! I’m in the middle of a USA tour and I’ve just landed in Dallas where I’m playing tonight, then I’ll be playing for my mates from Culprit tomorrow in LA for their Sunday rooftop party at The Standard. Next week I’m in Japan for a big festival Oiso playing alongside Carl Craig and Nina Kraviz so that should keep me entertained!

What consists of a typical week for Shonky?

Every week is different, that’s one of the good things about this job. I mainly make music, buy some records and try out the new vinyl when I’m at home in Berlin. Then usually from Friday to Sunday I’m away for gigs.

« Every week is different, that’s one of the good things about this job… »

Your new Apollonia project with Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom is already making waves, how did this collaboration come about?

Well the three of us have been close friends for a long time now. We first started to DJ alongside each other with sets at the famous Batofar afterhours, for which Dan was the resident DJ. Following that, Dyed and I both had releases on Dan’s label Freak n’ Chic. Dyed and I have always wanted to start our own label together so when Freak n’Chic closed it seemed like the right time as it meant we could get Dan involved as well. We share the same roots, the same tastes and the same musical vision so it was a natural progression for us really.

What are the goals of the new collaboration and what have you in store?

We’ll mainly focus on releasing our own music but of course also stuff from other producers the three of us enjoy. The first release was from myself: ‘The Minneapolis Touch EP’. Next up is ‘Close To The Edge’, a collaboration between myself and Dan with a remix from The Mole – out on vinyl end of April and on digital mid June. Then later in the year there will be a solo EP coming up from Dyed and another from Dan.

Your new EP The Minneapolis Touch, out on Apollonia has received great reviews, were these three tracks made especially for the label?

Well I was working on an EP for Apollonia and after finishing a bunch of tracks, I sent my 6 favourites to Dan and Dyed.
We worked together to choose the three we thought would fit the label best. Being the first EP, we wanted to establish the right direction
from the beginning.

« First of all, all the mediums are good to use, at the end of the day it’s the music that really matters and the rest is
bullshit… »

Is it true that you have gone back to playing vinyl after using Serato? There are many debates as to what medium is best
to use, why does vinyl suit you?

First of all, all the mediums are good to use, at the end of the day it’s the music that really matters and the rest is bullshit. I was using Serato and it was working great but I missed record shopping and I also truly believe it’s easier to find good music on vinyl. I have two amazing record shops close to my house in Berlin; Hardwax and Spacehall. I like to release my music on vinyl and I like to support vinyl. I understand that it’s more convenient for many people to go digital, but when you have the possibility of finding amazing records for a good price, why shouldn’t you play vinyl.

What have you got planned for the summer of 2012?

Well our new Apollonia project as a DJ trio means I have some special Apollonia Showcases coming up with the guys. Super excited for Fabric London on 2nd June, we’re playing together all night long in Room 1. Then for Sonar Barcelona we’re having Apollonia vs Visionquest on Mac Arena Beach. Based on the fun we had last year I know it’s going to be crazy! Lots of other Apollonia dates coming up this year, including DC10 Ibiza, so look out for that one.

What do you enjoy going outside of music?

I’m always really involved music and everything that surrounds that. I love good food, a glass of red wine and hanging out with my friends wherever that may be.

If you wasn’t a DJ/Producer what do you think you’d be doing?

I’ve asked myself this question so many times before. I still don’t know what would have been the alternative and honestly I don’t want to know. For sure it would be less exciting than my life right now!

Thanks for talking to us, we look forward to seeing you at Different Language on May 6th!

Happy to join you for this party!