We have the pleasure of speaking with one of the masters of groove, Terence :Terry:. While being part of lola ED and the famed Apollonia label, as well as his own La Vie En Rose imprint and ATA fashion press agency, Terence is a man of many talents. We celebrate his latest endeavour on the mysterious dds label and find out more about Terence, what motivates him, his inspirations and more…


How are you, how has your year been?

Well there’s been a lot of good news this year – like the birth of my daughter, which was the absolute highlight. Musically I’ve really tried to give my label a good push. Likewise with myself and my own career. With the label we’ve achieved some really good results and I’ve work hard to keep the level high. We’ll be back pushing out our releases on vinyl for 2019 and the next release is by SHATALOV (Russia), who has a very modern take on house music, very ‘La Vie En Rose style’. And we have another one coming from Nicola Brusegan, an Italian producer who produces stuff that’s more of a classic tip with an incredible remix by Pablo Tarno, one of the owners of Finest Hours.

 Personally, I tried to expand my studio with a new location in the center of Madrid and new equipment, the results were the following releases over the past year (in chronological order):

Terence Terry & Hanfry Martinez “Stella” Parliamnt Rec

Djebali “God’s Dream” (Terence Terry Rmx)  Djebali Rec

Pedro Goya “Protocol” (Terence Terry Rmx)  Pedro Goya Rec

Tommy Vicari Jnr “Deville Harvest” (Terence Terry Rmx)  Frenzy Rec

Javier Carballo & Carlos Sanchez “M Flight” (Terence Terry Rmx)  BlindVision Rec

Terence Terry & II Faces “Space Bunny”  Origine Rec

Terence Terry ep on DDS rec


What keeps you energised, inspired, keen to keep going musically?

Every type of experience inspires me (travel, meeting people, collecting records, contemporary music, new producers and studio gear, plug-ins, food, art and graphics, technology…). A lot of inspiration comes from my family and the moments I have with them’ Also, as I’m living in Spain and a native Frenchman, this is a new source of inspiration.

Back then when I started as an artist, I had a long chat with an old French journalist from Trax Magazine. After the chat he named our conversation, “The future belongs to those who have consistency ”… so I hope I’m still consistent as I was.


Tell us about the new dds label and who is behind it?

DDS is a new platform centred on modern electronic music and futuristic house. Not much is known about who is behind the label, it’s a bit of a mystery. I had the opportunity to make the first one, I really love the direction and concept. Look out for more from DDS next year and beyond…


Tell us about the EP – what inspired and influenced it?

Initially it came as a collection of eight tracks, all of them were different in their own way, but with this main theme of doing something new, without thinking really about what the audience was expecting. Sometimes you want your tracks to be more clubby or obvious including details or elements that have a bit more appeal to the dance floor, this way though it’s not always that personal because you’re thinking about think about other people and how they might react. For the DDS release I tried to change this approach and do something that was more focused on what I wanted to, for myself.


How much of an influence has the Paris scene been? What state is it in now?

My influences mainly come from my father who’s an extreme music and cinema addict, his particular taste and culture are part of my own identity. I still remember the record collections he had, which were more oriented towards rock and blues from the 60s, 70s and 80s from England and the USA. The same with VHS tapes, he had plenty of old French and international movies. Then the raves appeared in Paris at the beginning of the 90s and I started to follow local heroes like Jerome Pacman, Sonic and Armand who brought their own take on what the Europeans and Americans were doing at that time (it was incredible trust me). Then I start deejaying myself at the beginning of the 2000s and there were DJs like Jef K and Ivan Smagghe who inspired me, too.

 Paris nowadays is stiil creative and extremely interesting, a kind a new French touch has appeared, though it’s more underground house orientated.


Tell us about the world you do with your fashion press agency – does it link with music?

Basically my wife Audrey formalised her career in Paris in one of the biggest fashion press agencies like Victoire de Taillac & Ramdam Thouani, Bali Barret, Dress codes etc..

Not long after we met we decided to move to Madrid because we’d both worked in Paris for a long time. We needed some fresh air and a new start – the result was this company called AudreyTerenceAgency, which we started with an old Mac in our small flat. We couldn’t even speak Spanish and there was a big economic crisis in Spain, times were hard. But now Audrey has built the company to the point where she employs a team of seven people in a 250-metre-squared showroom with several key trade relationships,  mostly Spanish and French but also including some other European nations  http://www.atagency.es/

Yes of course it links up with music… I’ve already DJ’d for one our clients and the venture has helped me a lot when it comes to strategy and ideas for my label.


Is the La Vie En Rose label still active? What advice would you give to other who are starting a label

It’s more than active now, we changed distributor and it cost us a bit of time but I took advantage of that moment to nurture some young talents who were following the label like Jonny n Travis, Thomas Andrew, Geda, Soundub, Harrison Morris, Only Slave Nation, Low-e, Liou, Fr!sky Business, Caceress, Anton Bajen, Bronxy ..

Now that we have our new distributor and a super team working with us from Memoria there are two releases coming on vinyl for the beginning of 2019.

My advice would be to start a label with integrity – this is paramount – and it’s works best with a good team around you. It can very hard doing it alone, I can tell you.


What else have you got coming up/are you excited about?

I’m doing another EP for Rawbeat (Ecuadorian label), which has two tracks from me and a remix from DJ Honesty. I also have a remix due soon for my friends at Aimed in Ukraine and the most important thing I want to mention is that I am starting a platform with my long long time friend Grego. G from Paris (Concrete) more info on this very soon.


How will you spend Christmas and where?

With my wife and daughter and a lot of friends in Madrid…


And what is your ideal NYE?

The ideal NYE would be to avoid traveling – so, of course, an amazing dinner at home with friends and playing at an afterparty not too far from my house.

#001 is out now! Buy it here: https://www.yoyaku.io/vinyl/dds01/