Label /( djebali ) DJEBRW00ADjebali - Album Reworks Vol. 1
Released /December 2017
Style /Minimal, House
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Rating /3.6/5

When the bassline is a good as the one on Arapu’s remix of Djebali’s « Heartgroover, » what more do you need? It’s the kind of snaking modular workout he and his fellow Romanians have spent the past few years refining, bobbing and weaving underneath gently shuffling drums and the occasional synth tone. It doesn’t have a clear structure but it’s rhythmic, doing its thing independently of the developments on top. It’s a long way from the chunky basslines of today’s house music, so DJs will need a well-tuned soundsystem to capture its subtle flair. 

Luckily for those DJs, you should be able to play Andrés’ version of « Seven Blessings » just about anywhere. A jazzy house tune with cheery chords and hand drums, it’s a long way from the heads-down sound of its minimal counterpart and a great alternative to the moodier B-side. But it’s still relatively restrained, which means there will likely be plenty of DJs up for playing both tunes. My advice: save Andrés for the daytime.


Tracklist / 
A Djebali – Seven Blessings (Andrés Rework) 
B Djebali – Heartgroover (Arapu Rework)