Dan Ghenacia’s Top 5 DC10 Tracks

Dan Ghenacia's Top 5 DC10 Tracks

Dan Ghenacia – Circoloco resident for more than 10 years – pulls out the highlights from across one crazy decade of DJ’ing and dancing as he flags up his Top 5 DC10 tracks from the uber-cool Ibiza club.


Sleaz – Key Of Love (Original Mix)

This track was on my Batofar compilation and because of this track they asked me to play at dc10 for the first time, which then led to me becoming a resident. One very important track then! Re-pressed earlier this year on Terence:Terry’s label La Vie En Rose.

Der Dritte Raum « Hale Bopp » (Original Mix)

Back in the days when DC10 was open early Monday morning, this techno-trance track could make me cry when the sun was rising… don’t forget to put the pitch down to get the perfect speed because it’s a bit too fast in its original version.

Kenny Hawkes – Sleaze walking [Paper Recordings]

One of the best ever Kenny Hawkes tracks! Hammered by Tania Vulcano during the third season of DC10.

KC Flight – Let’s Get Jazzy (Dope Mix)

I still play this today and will never get tired of it. Old school hip house at DC10.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

I remember Cirillo playing this track and the whole club was singing along. Must have been 2004… one of my best ever memories at DC10!

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