Lotus Seven by Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez on Apollonia


Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez are to release their forthcoming album known as ‘Lotus Seven’ in March to Apollonia making it the labels debut album release. It’s hard to believe that Apollonia is less than a year old, when Shonky, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom launched their new imprint and back2back DJ outfit, we knew it would be special. With such solid EP releases on the label including ‘Close To The Edge’, ‘Trax On Da Road’ and ‘The Minneapolis Touchon’ the bar has been set high. But pushing this ‘true-to-house’ label further, Lotus Seven raises the bar several notches.

Having listened to the album from start to finish, it’s astonishingly reactive from the second you press play. An instant hit with booming 90s San Francisco influences just oozing out of it’s every sound. With each track changing it up and providing an alternate listening sound, your never stuck with the same 4/4 beat, this album truly is a joy to listen to from start till finish and will have you hitting replay the second it stops.

Citing Chris Carrier as a long term favourite artist, top beat maker, and playing a part in the ignition of his own producing career, Ghenacia felt very in tune with the project and had the tracks on repeat from the first listen. “There is everything on this album; jazz, hip hop, techno, acid, dancefloor tracks to slow interludes. They have managed to achieve all of this, but most importantly in the right balance. As an electronic album it really works because it is something you can easily listen to at home, as well as being loaded with dancefloor weapons.”

Standout tracks include the albums title track Lotus Seven, which is an hypnotic smokey trip back to when House music was still raw- the 90s. It’s deep vibe brings back those misty surroundings of your old school rave, straight up rhythmic beats made for real House heads.

Not to be beaten is the third track of the album Astronomers Dream, which we have been very kindly treated to a sneak preview.

A full album review on Lotus Seven will be available when the album is released.





Lotus Seven double vinyl packs:


Track 01 – 5000 WATTS [6:10] (A1)

Track 04 – Disco Remodel [7:01] (A2)

Track 05 – Island Breeze [7:34] (B1)

Interlude 04 – Wonki Wonka [1:30] (B2)


Track 02 – Keep it Movin’ [7:56] (C1)

Track 03 – Astronomers Dream [6:23] (C2)

Track 08 – Lotus Seven [7:46] (D1)

Interlude 06 – Finger Story [2:20] (D2)

Note: Each vinyl includes an A2 poster of the storyboard of the album (Each track is illustrated by a situation)


En résumé

UGS Rating 9.0

What’s Good

An instant hit from the second you press play, the truly raw rhythmic beats change up with each track providing an end-to-end listening package. The album is packed full of old school cuts and vocals that makes a huge difference when you look at the music being released today. A release that’s really worth making a fuss about. An album that brings back the image of the 90s when House was raw. A piece of production work that showcases the best in these two artists. You ain’t going to let this one slip under your nose, this ones real and it comes with attitude. HOUSE!