Chart :: Top 10 February Vinyl House

Words by: Aidan Mozejko aka Johnny Hot Shit
Posted: 2/3/18 8

We dug the crates, and walked the streets of London seeking out the best vinyl releases this month. 

1. The Other People Place – It’s Your Love [Warp Records] Repress

2. Riccardo – Theora [Subwax Distribution]

3. Thomas Frowein – Psy [I Was Ok]

4. Ewan Jansen – Dusan [Polen Records]


5. Darren Allen – TV Sickness [Discobar]

6. Etienne – Hpno [Sequalog]

7. Gene On Earth – Pulse Mode [Limousine Dream]

8. Moray – Phosis [Focus on Egoless]

9. Robin Ordell – July 5 [Dream Logic EP]


10. Diego Krause – Redshift [Sukhumvit Records]


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