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When three of the most talented French producers join forces to create a label, the result has to be exceptional. And it seems obvious that since the dissolution of Freak N Chic, Dan Ghenacia and his mates Shonky and Dyed Soundorom have rebounded quite well, as nothing seems to stop them since the creation of Apollonia just one year ago. The three musketeers of deep house made in France have been touring around the world since then, their releases have been critically acclaimed and their projects have been multiplying…That’s why we decided to ask them a few questions for their first year anniversary, through this mini interview full of superlatives that will make you dream a little…

– Version Française –


Hey guys, what’s up ? Where are you right now ?
Hello, we are at the moment together in South America doing an Apollonia tour.We were in Mexico for BPM festival then Lima to play at La Huaka, then SRB Brooklyn in NY at the end of January playing Verboten.We also took this month to have some time off, it’s the best to tour with your best friends and also relax in amazing places.

So basically you spent the whole summer in Ibiza…I assume it must be a pretty cool place to go on holidays, but isn’t the amount of bad clubs, music and people just overwhelming at some point, despite the few good parties you can find there ?
It’s like everywhere else, if you look for the good things you’ll find them. We have been going there for more than 10 years and I guess we like it the way it is. You can relax, take some sun, party like hell. It’s a very unique and magical place, we had a big villa together last summer. It was perfect, we could listen to music together, produce together and think about the future together, there was definitely a good synergy.

The three of you are regulars at the DC-10, where you’ve held a residency the whole past summer. People often refer to DC-10 as a « special place » with a very « special energy » that links the dancers in an unusual way, can you try to describe this energy and what actually makes DC-10 such a unique venue ?
It’s just one of the best clubs on earth. The sound system is amazing, the energy of the people even better and the line-ups follow. We were very honoured to do an Apollonia showcase there last summer.

How would you imagine Ibiza in ten years, regarding the clubs and the island in general ?
Probably the same, different parties but same energy. This island has been like that for decades now and whatever people are saying this unique feeling will remain.

Otherwise it’s been about a year since the creation of Apollonia, how would you sum up your new label’s first year of existence ? Any highlights in 2012 ?
Everything has went the best so far. On one side we have the label that is working great, we’ve released 4 EPs so far and we have a lot of good music coming up, including the debut album of Chris Carrier  & Hector Moralez ‘Lotus Seven’. On the other side we have our back-to-back-to-back DJ project, playing long extended sets and taking us all over the world already.

Few months ago you announced that the all-time classic track Underwater by POINT G was going to be repressed on Apollonia, which is a blessing as the prices on Discogs are now reaching 120 euros and above… Can you give us a release date yet? Also, are you planning to repress other classic tracks on your label in the future ?
This track is a classic for us, it really influenced the three of us and it was important for us to re-press it cause we wanted to show our roots. This is the kind of track that is part of the foundation of our sound. We’re good friends with Gregory so it came naturally to re-release it on Apollonia and it is out now. We also want to re-press a really old track from Kerri chandler with some secret remixers. All the tracks we want to re-press have a real meaning for us, though we have played them hundreds of times and they are never too far from our DJ bag.

And what are your other personal and Apollonia-related projects for this year ? Have you guys thought of getting together in the studio and producing a whole album as Apollonia maybe ?
Dyed and Shonky are finishing their solo EPs but we are going to work all together in February. We are renting a studio for the whole month and we’ll see how it goes. We already tried that in November and the result was really nice. The first step will be an EP under the Apolloia moniker but we definitely want to work on an LP too.

The Paris scene is obviously booming at the moment, what are your views on this recent evolution ?
Yes Paris is definitely going really good at the moment. The old clubs like Rex are still raving. New promoters, new parties, new festivals this summer. There is a real new movement going on…

When we listen to you it seems that you have the best job in the world as DJs and producers, however Bill Patrick didn’t really agree with that when we asked him few months ago…What are your views on the DJ profession ?
For us it’s definitely the best job in the world, playing the music you like all around the world and partying all the time. How could it not be the best?! This kind of job gives you a lot of freedom.


Dan Ghenacia, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom will perform one of their back-to-back-to-back extended sets at Fabric in London on February 23rd.