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It might not be the most discerning spot on London’s clubbing map, but Egg remains one of the capital’s most popular venues—especially amongst those seeking the superclub experience. As a result, its music policy is largely centred on tech house, regularly hosting the likes of Mobilee, Get Physical et al. As the city’s main hub for this strand of big-room club music, the place is usually rammed come Friday and Saturday nights. That’s no mean feat, given the club’s sizeable capacity. But it’s not all down to the bookings. Visiting the club early in February, I was struck by its impressive décor, quick-and-easy bars and crisp, loud soundsystem.

That said, due to the sheer volume of nights it puts on, the club’s programming can be unpredictable. The Familia Carnaval party, I was assured, was one where the true spirit of the club comes to life, thanks largely to its lively, mixed crowd. True to the promoter’s word, the energy inside was buoyant from the start, with Isherwood and Jack Wickham warming up on the main floor. Though the clock had yet to strike 2 AM, both DJs opted for the full-throttle approach. It felt a little strange at first, but soon the crowd piled in.

Up next were Livio & Roby, who proved particularly popular with the largely European crowd. The Romanians’ set was trippy and hypnotic, with only the occasional toe-dip into more melodic waters. It was an excellent exercise in restraint. The night’s highlight, though, were Hold Youth, AKA, Seuil and Le Loup. Playing only vinyl, the Half Baked residents weaved a vibrant set of bass-heavy tech house, displaying a keen understanding for how to move a London crowd.

Egg might struggle with its identity from time to time, but with the likes of Kerri Chandler, Luke Hess and Omar-S locked in across the next few months, we may be witnessing a gradual changing of the tide at the King’s Cross club. If you’re curious to check it out, my advice is this: choose your party carefully and go with an open mind.

Published / Fri / 27 Feb 2015 Words /Stephen Flynn