Notes From Miami – The Madness Begins (I)

P. Kumar, Miami – United States – Read Online

Notes From Miami - The Madness Begins (I)

Miami’s music week has kicked off in earnest, with a steady stream of travelers filtering in from all continents to begin their dance adventures. The buzz is palpable, as techno tourists can be heard whispering names like Dubfire, M.A.N.D.Y, Blond:ish, and more, eagerly checking schedules and phones as they make their way across the streets of South Beach, Midtown, and Downtown to get their fix. The beginning of the week brings back memories for me personally, as I’ve been coming here for more years than I can remember, and even now, as a local, it feels special.

My schedule took me to three parties over the course of the last few days, in addition to Ultra Festival Weekend One (for which we will have a bigger write up soon). Friday night brought the esteemed collective of My Favorite Robot, Ryan Crosson, and Nitin (no.19) to Treehouse. Nitin kicked things off in the library with his classic deep house grooves, keeping the beat steady and the heads dancing. He dropped the latest Jon Charnis track on Innervisions, “Prophecy,” towards the end of the set, provoking great reactions from the crowd. Ryan Crosson then opened up the main room, playing the whole night himself, with a predominantly techno vibe. My Favorite Robot, the crew composed of James Teej, Voytek Korab, and Jared Simms, brought their playful attitude and selection of eclectic and danceable house jams to close out the library. Then on Sunday, I joined Walker & Royce amongst others. The venue boasts 3 stages – an outdoor area, a small library area, and a bigger room with a powerful system. The event went well, with Walker & Royce amongst others bringing their sweet and melodic house to the crowd.

Monday night was the big one – Apollonia vs. Mobilee at Treehouse. I was fortunate enough to interview the Apollonia guys – Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, and Dyed Soundorom- prior to the party. They told an amazing story of friendship and music – 15 years of hanging out together, playing music in some of the biggest clubs in the world, and producing together. The energy they share was evident in their DJ set, as they opened up the big room in traditional back to back to back style. The room was quickly filled with dancers and fellow artists. DJ Sneak and his crew, Jamie Jones, Kenny Glasgow, Philip from M.A.N.D.Y, and many others were spotted over the course of the night.

Ray Opkara of Mobilee opened up the library room, playing an eclectic mixture of tech house as is only appropriate to Mobilee. Most of the chairs and tables had been removed from the library room, providing maximal space for dancing. Meanwhile, the main room switched over to Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez, who have teamed up to deliver the forthcoming album on Apollonia entitled Lotus Seven. They played a live set, with Chris manning the computer while Hector played the part of live MC, giving things a properly old school flair. The crowd responded enthusiastically to the call and responses that he threw out. As the live set transitioned back into the Apollonia b3b, Sebo K took command of the library room. His poise and mixing technique are second to none, and within minutes I was having a “chill up my spine” kind of moment. Glued to the dancefloor, my friends and I were quickly captivated by the melodic and precise tech house that Sebo K is known and loved for. Unafraid to traverse sonic territory, he even dropped La Pena’s anthemic “Enjoy Music.”  Following Sebo K was Anja Schneider, and she and the Apollonia boys took the party home. As usual, Treehouse’s special touches, from a tent sent up outside to shield incomers from the rain, to the chill outdoors area, were much appreciated.

All in all, a fantastic beginning to the week. Tonight is the charity basketball game hosted by MANIK, the Last Supper at DeLuca, and Touch of Class’ “Inception,” event at Cafeina. See you there…

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