Apollonia at Music On, Friday 31st July 2015

Photo-Album Report

Source: Pulse review


Rolling into Music On last Friday, my anticipation was higher than usual – three of this summer’s most impressive DJs were going back to back to back as the totally on fire trio Apollonia ahead of what was sure to be another massive show from Carola himself.

Upon entering, I was greeted by a sound not often heard at Music On – house music. But that’s exactly what Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, and Shonky do best, and they seem to have truly found their swing this summer. Every show has been one of my favourite sets of the season. Like few other acts today, they at once make you feel totally at ease, with warm, groove-centric house full of obscure gems, old school classics and cutting edge, funk heavy tunes: these three know how to find incredible music. The effect it has on the crowd is intoxicating – everyone is laughing, smiling with one another, high fiving strangers and totally at peace, enjoying the moment as if it were a sunny Sunday afternoon, even at 2am on a Friday night. This is house music, and we were in Apollonia’s house. At this rate, my only complaint about the trio is that there just wasn’t enough of them on the island this summer, and I hope we see plenty more next year.

But we weren’t done, not by a long shot. While at times, it’s absolutely clear when Marco takes to the decks after the warm up act, Friday saw one of the smoothest transitions I’ve seen. Things remained groovy and warm, just got a bit edgier – though it wasn’t long until the maestro was of course firmly in control. He’s become a master of teasing and dropping over his four year residency, and knows exactly what his fans want, delivering every time. Rolling bass lines give way to chopped up highs, echoed, reverbed and delayed into oblivion, only to come crashing down sending every able-bodied hand in the air.

Though that’s not to say the man is predictable – far from it. It’s his ability to keep us guessing that have made his party such an Ibiza institution so unbelievably quickly, with punters hitting Music On week after week, year after year like clockwork, partying well into the morning light – and Friday was no exception.

7am rolled around, and although the party was still going strong, my feet told me another story, and I made my way home, blissed out grin on my face the entire way.

Continuing on with another hugely successful season with some of its biggest guest stars to date, Marco Carola’s Friday night techno feast once again proved why it consistently sells out – amazing music in an amazing club.

Until next Friday…