Joining the Silver Network team for a remix of Arash’s ‘Distant Voices’ earlier this year, it’s the young house head Jordan Peak, who despite his age already has an impressive string of labels including Robsoul, One Records, Bass Culture, Tsuba and Raum…Musik sitting next to his name. Playing alongside Jef K and Boris Werner on Saturday 8th June at Showcase Paris, this is an opportunity to catch one of the hottest talents emerging from the UK.

Being the lovely guy that he is, Peaky sat down with Mad H earlier this week for a quick tête-à-tête…


Silver Network label boss Jef K and yourself are both purveyors of that quality underground house sound, Jef K being one of the long standing old skool heads, you being one of the new emerging talents…  can you pick us one of your fav classic Jef K tracks that’s in your bag?

Just one? Hmmmm ok i’m gonna say ‘Want You Back’. That bass line just does it for me. It’s a really close call between that and ‘In My System’ he did as The Gathering with Chez Damier & Chris Carrier, but I’m gona go with ‘Want You Back’ . . . I think . . . Can’t I choose both of them? No? Ok then:

You have also worked with one of Paris’ finest home-grown talents, Phil Weeks. Other than the various types of bud available, what did you learn in the studio from the original gangster?

That making music with hardware rather than computers might take a little longer but you don’t notice the time as it’s much more fun. Phil is so cool, one of the nicest guys there is and super, super talented. It’s a real honour to put out music on his label Robsoul as it’s one of the labels that has had the most influence on me musically growing up. I can’t thank him enough for that.

You’re into body art – can you tell us about your latest tattoo and the story behind it?

The latest one is a Polynesian piece on my right elbow, I might get a little bit more added to it. That’s the thing with tattoos one is just never enough. I thought after I got my sleeve done that was it but I’m already planning on getting a few more. All my tattoos have meanings to them, I’m a very family orientated person and they’re all about my mother, father and two brothers.



They say every cloud has a silver lining, please apply to the following situations:

① Being on the wrong side of 5”10….

Quality not quantity ;)

② Growing up on the Isle of Wight…

It’s a really nice place to be from the ages of 0-18 and say 40+ but in between that it’s just a little too small, well personally for me anyway. I love going back to visit my family and see friends, plus Bestival is always really fun!

③ Having ‘Wayne’ as your middle name…

John Wayne, Wayne Gretzky, Wayne Rooney, Bruce Wayne and Wayne Campbell are all total dudes and all called Wayne. Ok two of them are fictitious characters and one is a stage name but still, dudes none the less!!


Silver Network 036 – Arash ‘Distant Voices’ EP incl. Shade and Jordan Peak remixes.