The free electrons return to Just Jack!

1209 lolaed4

Afternoon, my sausage fingered friends! Something is getting us a little hot under the collar here at Just Jack HQ… The fact is, in only a week’s time the Lola ED crew are coming to bring a little Parisian frrreak to the main room of Motion! It’s general knowledge that we Jackers have a bit of a French fancy – the colonel’s already planning to swop his military gear for a beret and Breton t-shirt, sprout some adventurous facial hair, brandish a baguette and cry “MAIS OUI!” at five minute intervals. Anyway, with lazy stereotyping out of the way we truly can’t wait to welcome these deep house champions back to Just Jack.

The Lola ED agency is a collective of 6 labels and 12 outstandingly talented DJs and producers. The former category includes Apollonia and Terence :Terry:’s La Vie En Rose, whilst numbering amongst the latter are our key players of the 29th: Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Seuil. They’ve been turning heads and causing chaos all over Europe of late, which comes as absolutely no surprise to us due to their infectious enthusiasm and unstoppable capacity to party. The crew like to think of themselves as “free electrons” with a little somethin’ somethin’ we clearly respect at Just Jack: carnival spirit!

Of course, we’re no strangers to these Frenchmen. Having had them host the tunnel in Motion twice separately, we can’t wait to see them rock the main warehouse together. Dyed’s turn was last December with Shonky, and Dan Ghenacia came and partied through a massive fever for the fifth birthday with Guti – one of our most beloved JJ memories. Dan and Dyed, at the helm of Apollonia with Shonky, have been destroying DC10 all summer and joining them for the third Français foray into Motion is Seuil playing live. We can’t wait to see what bombs and bangers they’ve got in store for us this time around…

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