circle 2

When it comes to choosing your circle, there is an infinite number of possibilities.

The more you look, the more you find.

There is no other way around. It’s like they are multiplying.

There are those you belong to, those you choose to leave. And there are some you wish to enter…


After a road-block launch event, our very own Le Loup and his partner in crime Mouloud are back with a vengeance! Circle is the new residency at Badaboum Paris, exploring all corners of House music and sharing the right sounds with the right people. Want to step into the circle?

Mademoiselle H went spinning with next guest Brawther ahead of the party on 24th January…

Brawther_2014_Press_Shot_2_credit_Gracie_Rogers_WEBPhoto Credit: Gracie Rogers

Life in Leeds – what was it other than the great weather and even better food than persuaded you to cross the pond?

Actually both reasons were crucial to me…I chose Leeds because it’s bad boy, I love it’s countless Greggs bakeries, I also have a soft spot for mushy peas and I was told I would be in paradise if I moved there. They even have a Mc Noodles King! I can see the drool coming out of your mouths already!

So would you call Leeds ‘home’ now, do you see yourself staying there long-term?

Yes Leeds is where it’s at. I’m trying to adapt my French accent so I can blend in and finally be regarded as a true Yorkshire man!  The people here are really down to earth and real, they don’t have time for pretentiousness and they also know how to party. I luv it me.

You’re a key part of the My Love Is Underground parties and imprint. How did you and Jeremy Underground Paris (label boss) find each other? Was it love at first sight?

I met Jeremy a whiiiile back now. I think it was on the internet when he was bullying some house heads on a French forum. His manners raised eyebrows for some but I thought it was very entertaining. We hit it off almost instantly, sometimes hitting each other pretty hard too. We fell in and out a few times but that’s what most couples do don’t they?

Your newest project is the eyebrow-raising Dungeon Meat, a DJ/producing duo with Tristan Da Cunha. Lots of lovely sexual and homosexual connotations springing to mind here. What’s the (uncensored) story behind the name?

The Dungeon Meat is literally the meat from down in the dungeon. A place usually found between one’s legs. Our forthcoming tune entitled “The Hairy Axe Wound” is the most accurate description for it. Need a drawing? Aside from the visuals, it depicts a sound that is dark and sleazy… We quite like the fact that the words “Dungeon” and “Meat” are also part of the Gay scene lingo.

Ooh I say! [blushing] Which leads me onto another meaty question… Got any beef with the current music scene? Things that get on your fillet? People you’d like to give a ribeye?

I wish I did, I’m still yet to find anyone big headed in this industry… I’ve heard of tales of DJs dissing co-workers, getting into fights and outwardly lying… but the actual truth is that the DJ circuit is soooooo honest and pure, real and passionate, strictly for the love of house music…  you know what I mean? ;-) It’s the online media that wanna spice it up like it’s a reality TV show. I’v never bought that… Everyone knows these DJ wars on Twitter all emanate from bootleg accounts… wake up.

Circle – you could say you’re part of many… the French circle, the underground circle, the Secret circle. If you could pick any 3 musicians to be in your circle, past or present, who would they be??

I’ll take Simon DK from DIY, Tristan Da Cunha & my bro Jean-Michel Jackson from Derby.

You’re playing alongside Le Loup our little wolf at the next Circle party! If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

F*** knows. A rat?

A meaty rat! How lovely! And finally to end on a spherical note, give us a track that will leave our heads spinning…

A good old classic head spinner by Dan Bell!