KISS & TELL #03 With John Dimas

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


Well, well, well… The intriguing John Dimas has been turning heads for all the right reasons over the last year and Mademoiselle H has no fear in claiming he’s the one-to-watch for 2013. Now working alongside one of Lola’s most respected artists – Terence:Terry: – John is releasing his debut LP Living Lies on La Vie En Rose.

Never one to turn down a party, Mademoiselle H will be joining the celebrations at Nouveau Casino this Thursday 20th December, rubbing shoulders with Grego G, Vincent Vidal, Gaffy, Terence:Terry: and Monsieur Dimas himself. Come find me in the booth daaarling! There’ll be vodka and monster bass lines galore!


Bonjour John! How’s things? La Vie is looking En Rose?

Hello !!  After moving to Berlin, I could say things are going pretty well at the moment, La Vie is getting rosy :)

You’ve been hard at work and are about to release your debut LP ‘Living Lies’ on La Vie En Rose, the label run by Lola’s Terence:Terry: So tell us, what’s the naughtiest lie you’ve ever told /OR you have been told?

Living Lies is a project that I’m really exicited about and can’t wait to be released. To be honest I hate lies, but we are all living in lies.

You must be getting excited for the LP release parties… How are you feeling about coming to play at Nouveau Casino on 20th December?

It’s my first time in Paris, which is one of my favourite cities, so I’m really excited about playing there. And if the Mayan’s story is true about 21th December – it’s the end of the world – then at least I’ll die in my favourite city J

…Followed by 28th December in Madrid at the ‘Avant Garde’ party. Defined as “creative people who are experimental or innovative”, what exactly is avant garde about John Dimas?

For me ‘Avant garde’ is the development of something new and fresh, but having its own special and unique character. This for sure cannot be reached without someone being part of a creative team, bringing out fresh ideas and working on them together.

Christmas is coming… What new music is on your list for Santa Claus (if you’ve been a good boy)?

Looking forward to the repress of Point G on Apollonia!

Tom Ruijg – Touch Me / Karat

The Analogue Cops / Ryan Elliot / Alex Picone – Five Ep / Bass Culture

The upcoming EP on Illusion Recordings by Acid Mondays

And any New Year’s resolutions for 2013?

Looking forward to finishing my live set, so at the moment I’m locked in my studio !!

Finally, to round off with the JUICY questions that we’re really dying to know… As a native of Greece, Thessaloniki to be precise, are you a…  Houmous / Tarama / Ouzo…kind of guy???

To be honest I’m a Tsipouro kind of guy. I’m afraid houmous is not Greek. If you mean Gyros with Tzatsiki, then I prefer this of course :)

Ooops!! Pardon John! Doner mean to get it wrong ;)



John Dimas Living Lies LP Release Party:

20th December, Nouveau Casino Paris –

28th December, Avant Garde, Madrid