hold youth rex binh

Underground diggers, strict quality control, forward-thinking first, vinyl addiction issues!!… it seems Hold Youth and their next guests have a few things in common. Inviting Nicolas Lutz and Binh for this week’s residency bash at Rex Club Paris, prepare for minimal grooves and truly hypnotising sets.

But that’s not all! Opening up his coveted bag for a special sneak peak, Binh the ultimate selector and rare record fiend lays down three of his current party essentials… the man has spoken.

Binh – Downtown EP

Obviously I would like to feature one of my own new productions, but it’s difficult so say something about it. Just check to out. And I’d like to take the chance to say Thank You! to Cabaret Crew who make this EP possible…

Treatment – Treatment 01 EP

Treatment is a new upcoming project I have started with my buddy Onur Özer.

A Side: Trippy melodic atmosphere with vocal  //  B Side: Rhythm Tool…it always works.

Dream 2 Science – Breath

Classic EP from the early 90’s. My favourite track’s Breath Deep with that deep acid line…a very nice after-hours track.