Pinning these two cheeky chappies down (before their live set at Rex Club for Hold Youth’s party) admittedly wasn’t the easiest thing Mademoiselle H has ever had to do. But here it is! A tickling chat with some of our scene’s finest. They’re not half funny too ;)


Hi Boys! First up, where are you and what are you up to?

half hawaii

Sammy, I was interested to learn from your Facebook profile that you come from and are currently residing in Planet Curry – exactly what type of curry are we talking about here?

Have you ever tried the great and unbeatable curry wurst? That’s where i reside. Especially after Get Perlonized at Panorama Bar. uiuiu.

Bruno, I came across a lovely quote from you; “I just want to make romantic techno.” Are you somewhat of an emotional man? And is this ultimately your strength or weakness?

Does having a bathroom full of facial products, tailored underwear, impeccably manicured nails and a pony tail on my heart mean that i am emotional, then yes? And is it a strength or weakness? It’s probably a weakness because i’m not strong.

When were you last in the studio and what were you working on? (individually or together)

We were in the studio together. But there is a curse on Half Hawaii that means when we get together we have insane technical issues. So we spend the little time we have to work together, actually solving technical issues. We spend one hour making music – and that’s what you hear. Four days of technical working and one hour music.

I’m sure you’re both very passionate about what you do but… would you rather never touch a record again OR never touch a woman again?

Ewww. Deep. We’re passionate about both. However, let’s not touch either as they both easily scratch.

Bruno, you also participate in the live duo Public Lover with Ninca Leece. Other than the obvious sex change, how does the experience differ with Sammy?

Sammy can’t have my children, but both are moody as hell!

I’d like to hear about the dirty secrets of Half Hawaii playing and travelling together… weird habits etc…

Bad habits: drinking too much and getting into cat fights on stage.

Secrets: Ewww – you wish you knew.

Half Hawaii-Shot 1-047 (2)

Sammy, Half Hawaii will also be performing live in August at Get Perlonized Panorama Bar, as one of the curators of the Perlon residency :) please tell us more about what goes down at the ‘Sunshine Special’? Mad H has booked a flight to Berlin!!

[…a few days after Get Perlonized @ Panorama Bar]

Sammy: You saw what happened. Are you afraid to come to Rex now?

Mad H: …are you calling me a pussy??

If you could go back in time to one musical era or milestone what would it be and why?

Well that’s tough. We think we would have loved to hang out with Iggy Pop, Fad Gadget, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry & Gary Numan. What era is that? We’re unsure.

Name an artist that makes you feel warm and sexy inside?

PRINCE! There is no other.

Name a new artist that secretly scares you a little?

Seth Troxler. He looks great naked.

Sammy, if there’s one record you could steal out of Bruno’s bag what would it be?

Gimme some time, Bruno just started buying vinyl again.

Bruno, you also run your own label thesongsays. Give me an example of the song says “Rex Club Paris 9th August with Hold Youth YEAH!”

Benoit & Sergio ‘Full Grown Man’ – thesongsays #2

And finally, any juicy forthcoming news (professionally or personally) that you want to exclusively share with Mademoiselle H??

Sammy’s opening a new bar/gallery where Bruno will play all vinyl dark wave into the wee hours once a month. Bruno is releasing a new album under his Archangel alias in September / October on Foom Music. And Half Hawaii will be releasing a live album of our latest set on Ultrastretch.

9th aug