KISS & TELL #04 With Audio Werner

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


OK, OK, it’s true… Mademoiselle H has been known to get excited over a DJ or two! But this Thursday at Rex Club promises to be something rather special kids. I’m talking a Paris exclusive, in fact second-time-ever-to-be-performed-in-the-world, live set. When I add that it comes from Audio Werner, well… let’s just say the excitement levels are getting dangerously high ;)


So Andreas! We’re very happy to be partying with you at Rex Club on 17th January for Hold Youth’s residency. It’s been 1 year since you last played in Paris, what’s your excuse for not coming back to us sooner?!

Oh, indeed it´s been almost exactly one year since I´ve been to Paris for the Minibar party with Daniel Bell and Copacabannark – how time flies! Besides travelling I was basically spending lots of time working on my new live setup, involving much more midi than in any set I´ve played before. In fact it´s a complete rework of my studio setup, making it more flexible and fun to play – not only in the studio but also at gigs: I´ve finally managed to make it fully transportable by installing a dedicated selection of synths and controllers into a cabin luggage sized flight case. It makes things so much easier if you don´t have to box and unbox your equipment all over again – just open the case, plug in the cables and it´s all setup like in the studio!

Your return to Paris is even more anticipated as you will be performing your brand new live set, only ever seen before at Panorama Bar in November. Everyone has a crazy story to tell from this infamous club, anything you can share with us??

Well…what i definitely can tell you is that my recent guestlist for Panorama Bar was probably the weirdest thing the doormen have ever seen, as it was way too long!

And how much of 2012 did the making of the live set take up? Were you locked up, geeking it up in the studio every day?

I was constantly working on it over the course of the year, thinking a lot just about the what and how, then step by step starting to realize it. The more defined the concept grows, the more ideas I started to develop and the more I was backed out in the studio. In fact the process still goes on trying to improve things. Of course I also took some time off here and there, on the weekends I was travelling to play gigs anyway and besides that my new girlfriend was naturally keeping me from becoming too geeky ;)

You also released your latest EP ‘Rushograph’ on Cabanne’s label Minibar – actually the top charted Minibar track on Resident Advisor! What’s currently #1 on your playlist?

That´s definitely great and I´m very glad that the Minibar EP had such a good impact. However I must admit that I´m actually not much into charting… to put it simple – there´s music I like and music I don´t like. When preparing my record bag, I choose tracks which fit my momentary state of mind and check if the music fits to the party I´m going to play at. There´s a lot of amazing records being released, I guess in the end to me the best records are probably the ones you still can listen to after years and years, making them timeless pieces of music.


You recently became part of the new official Toi Toi roster (the guys behind some super cool London warehouses parties) alongside the likes of James Dean Brown and Nicolas Lutz. Have to admit we were a little concerned if the Rex gig was still on when we saw this:

Video link!!

…has the Christmas curse now been lifted or will you be needing a step ladder to see over the decks? And did someone manage to cheer up poor James Dean Brown? Face like thunder!

To be honest – the step ladder was on my tech rider but as the Rex Club couldn´t provide one I´ve decided to change plan and appear in real… ;) Joking aside – I’m super happy to be with ToiToi, it´s amazing people behind it and there was immediately a connection between us since I´ve got in touch with them and played at their incredible parties. It´s such a nice vibe and a pleasure to hang out with them! Over the years we became friends and since I´m not working with my former agent anymore being part of the roster evolved kind of naturally. It´s just great to be with people sharing the same approach on music and committing themselves to it similarly as you do yourself.