KISS & TELL #07 With Sonja Moonear

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


OK sorry! Mademoiselle H was too busy beating off the boys yesterday to get this one to you time for Valentine’s Day. But love is still very much in the air at Lola HQ (we’re in Paris after all) and we have some words straight from the heart of the rather beautiful, the rather talented, Sonja Moonear. Extremely excited to be welcoming the lovely lady alongside Seuil at the Eklo showcase next Saturday 23rd February. Until then, peace and love kids xxx


An artist you are currently in love with?

Margaret Dygas.


A club close to your heart?

Club der Visionaere.


Solid-AM agency-mate crush?

Vera & Janina. But please, don’t tell them, nobody knows yet. Anyway, i’m not jealous.


Worst Valentine’s experience?

I can’t recall exactly, apart from maybe that time when I was stood up out alone at home by my beloved, after having cooked an amazing romantic dinner all day.. .By the way, that was yesterday night. So I called Margaret.


Is Paris really the most romantic city in the world?

I’m too romantic to say.


Memorable Sonja fan chat up line?

Sorry i don’t chat. I’m romantic like that you know?


When was your last full-on Frenchie kiss?

Not yesterday unfortunately!


A track for lovers?

I could listen to this tune in loops for hours on end.. her voice… Ketty Lester.


And one for the single ladies?

This is more for the single boys, but i guess it fits for everyone…Well, see for yourself… It’s a song by German singer Camillo: