KISS & TELL #02 With The Mole

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


From Canada to Berlin – so you must be one of the few people who finds Berlin’s winters mild eh?

Yup…. i mean it gets cold here… but it’s not the same.


You did a rather cracking remix of Shonky and Dan Ghenacia’s ‘Close To The Edge’ which came out on Apollonia earlier this year. How do you know our boys and how did the remix come about?

I met Dan years ago, I think it was my first trip to ibiza… To be honest the memory is hazy at best. The island memories often are. Nowadays I see the guys all over the place. Dan asked me for the remix and I couldn’t say no. I love what they’re doing so I was more than happy to contribute, be a part.


Being a mole it’s no surprise you like going deep underground. What’s your current favourite track that you can’t stop spinning?

Good question. The ‘right now’ pile is pretty big at the moment. Today’s winners are the Sadar Bahar compilation on BBE, Marco Passarani’s ‘Colliding Stars’, some white label called New York Edits 2, a green record called ‘African Shakedown’ and a whole pile of Crue-l records that just came in from Japan. As you can see it’s a groovy morning over here.



Being a mole you should also be a great digger, where do you usually go to find the best vinyl? Can you dig out one of your old skool favourites to warm us up before the party on 1st Dec?

So many good stores come to mind. A lot that aren’t around anymore. Which is kind of sad. So how about a shout out to some canadian shops i used to love: Boomtown, Active pass, Bassix, Hush, Inbeat, Pop shop, Disquivel, Le marche du disque et livre.

These days I’m all- Spacehall, Hardwax, Oye, Rotation, Mauer Park. And Rush Hour and Waxwell.

Something old to get us in the mood…. hmmmm…

How about Jean Carne ‘Was That All It Was’


And finally, what is your ideal party juice??

 To be honest I’m more of a sauce kind of guy… I’m into sauce.