Djebali is back for the next episode of Ideal Juice, and being the nice guy that he is, he has invited two very special guests to join us at Social Club on 17th August. From his hometown Paris we have the oh-so-hot right now lady Molly, and hailing from the city that gave birth to techno we have none other than Mr. Kenny Larkin. Not many can claim to be such a respected head over the past twenty years, so it quite an honour that Mademoiselle H can share the juice with you…

So Kenny! Looking forward to having you over to Paris to play Djebali’s Ideal Juice residency party…. What’s your ideal juicy concoction for ultimate party time? Any kind of ingredients, edible or not allowed!

Music…GOOD music! Everything else is secondary :)  :)


Detroit – your hometown. Is it still an inspiring place for dance music?

I don’t know, since I have lived there in over 10 years. I’m sure people still find it inspiring.  I get my inspiration from different things, not just the location I am in.


You’re currently based in LA. It’s not exactly considered one of the techno hubs of the world, what made you move there?

Are you really asking this? Why did I move?? It’s LA!!!! Haha. Sunshine every day, palm trees, mountains, the ocean, pretty people, and SHOPPING! Need I say more?


Djebali is a BIG vinyl fan, where do you stand on the whole vinyl vs digital debate?

I played with vinyl for almost 20 years, so I love it, but you can’t ignore technology, and it’s impact on the music we do! If I was a violin player, technology wouldn’t affect me in the least bit. But because we make ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC, with ELECTRONICS, it’s not difficult to see why going digital makes sense for a lot of people. For me, I love the convenience that it allows me. No more heavy record crates to carry. No more lost records, blah, blah. Just in the past month, my luggage was lost twice!! And some of my dj gear was in there. I had the other bits on the plane with me, so I was still able to play, but if the lost luggage was records, there is no way I would have been able to play. Yes, it sounds better to play with vinyl, way better!!! But, that’s not in dispute. I love the different layers I can add onto my dj set now with the controllers I use, which is impossible to do with vinyl, or cd players.


Where are your favourite places to buy music?

I don’t really have a favourite place to buy music. Doesn’t matter where I get it, as long as it’s good! But, I usually get a ton of promos, and get the rest online.


You’re using Push – can you explain what it is (to the less technical of us!) and how and why you’re using it?

Push is a dedicated controller for Ableton Live. I use it when I’m working on music. For me, it makes it very easy to compose music and not let technology get in the way. In other words, I don’t have to look at the computer screen to work on music. And the fact that I can write melodies with the pads, and not rely on a keyboard to do that. Every function can be controlled basically from the Push controller, so it makes writing music really easy and quick.


You say yourself you’re more like an artist’s artist, famous for not being famous – is there someone similar for you who’s been a big influence?

Most of the guys from Detroit, who were huge years ago, are like that today. I mean that there are so many new kids going to clubs who don’t know who I am, or even know who the guys who started “techno” are…


You have of course your label Art Of Dance, I wanna know what dance move is getting pulled out in Paris next week?

“the funky chicken…” look it up. Haha


Funky Chicken bY James Brown

Or for the more adventurous try the remix !

Chicken Noodle Soup Dance (c) Chris Brown