KISS & TELL #05 With dOP

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


Sat 26th Jan: ( djebali ) presents IDEAL JUICE w/ dOP  LIVE and Christian Burkhardt LIVE at Social Club

The residency of one of Paris’ most talented guys in house, Djebali has already invited along the likes of The Mole, Genius of Time, Bill Patrick and Mayaan Nidam to name but a few. Being my usual party-hopping self,  Mademoiselle H of course got a few exclusive words with special guests dOP on cocktails, kissing and metro dancing ahead of the weekend madness….


So boys, we are getting rather hot under the collar at the thought of you joining us at Social Club on 26th January. How are you feeling about playing the party…?









In preparation for Djebali’s party – Ideal Juice – I, Mademoiselle H will be warming things up chez moi with my favourite cocktail: double vodka and lemonade, with a splash of debauchery and a slice of cheekiness. What’s your ideal juicy concoction for ultimate party time?

Damien: It’s something like coca cola, the exact recipe is a secret !

Jaw: A Hemingway: grenadine, lemon, gin or vodka,  grapefruit and sometimes u can add champagne.

Clement: For this coming night i would recommend the Paris Disco Bowl….

2 litres of champagne

300g of litchis

1 acid

5pills (colour doesn’t matter)

and lime…

Add a little bit of fluo powder so the drink can glow in the night…fantastic….

Needs to be prepared few hours before the party. Can also be served as an iced smoothie.


Your recent EP Kisses on Circus Company was released with a rather mouthy video. Who would be your dream DJ kiss and what technique would you go for? Are we talking peck on the lips or full on sloppy French snog?

Damien: I’m married, I kiss only my wife.

Jaw: Nastia AKA dj beauty, of course.

Clement: The perfect DJ kiss is when you are able to make everybody kiss everybody in the club… a big collective techno orgy…Greco roman style….


Just came across this video of you guys with sombrero hats and maracas on the train! Is this how you usually prefer to travel? Repeat performance on le metro to Social Club with an accordion and some smelly fromage??

Damien: No need, we are already French, I born with an accordion and some smelly fromage, can’t make fun of it.

Clement: Well I think it sounds like a great idea…thanx a lot, let’s do it together…saucisson oysters champagne…

Jaw: It was a dream to play on the train…