KISS & TELL #06 With Christian Burkhardt

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H

A double-whammy from Mademoiselle H this week (don’t say I never give you anything), as I catch up with another guest that will be rocking the decks and shaking the dancefloor this Saturday at Social Club with Djebali. He goes by the name of Christian and techno is his religion… Here we go:


Christian! Great to be welcoming you to Paris this weekend. Apart from meeting Mademoiselle H of course, what are the things that are exciting you about getting over to our city?

Yeah, always fun to play in Paris! I have a lot of friends over here – Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Djebali, Alex, Samy, Gaffy, Samuel, Jessica and so on… Think in the last year Paris is going so good, the parties are really pumping, cool good  people which are goin crazy about the music, it’s good fun all time.


Love this video on your facebook page. Can you remember a techno-virgin, epiphany style situation like this? Something that made you want to dedicate your life to dance music?

This video is the dopest ever! When I started producing, a friend gave me an Atari computer with Cubase which had midi only. I triggered a wokstation (xp50) with it, natured sound files only, and i tried to produce electronic music with it. The result was sounding like in the video… fun times!


I have to say Lipstick EP is one of my favourite releases of yours. But I’m intrigued by the inspiration behind the track names – Lipstick, Powder, Rouge – is this another side of Christian we haven’t yet seen? Christina maybe…?

Of course I am a tuff guy, muscles like hell, nothing can beat me…But like all other guys I have this little pussy inside me, it`s a dirty bootyshakin‘ pussy, so it`s ok.

And what’s all these rumours flying over Facebook about you starring in an upcoming film from Raum…music ?!

Hehehe funny! Sorry there‘s is no film coming, was just a joke! I did this little vid when we were jammin the fx and promoted it as a film, sorry. But if Tarantino is knocking at my door…


And just in case there are any boring people out there with January detox programs in place (yawn), please can you give us your BOMB track that is guaranteed to tempt them up off the sofa and into the club?

Greasy beats! – feat. bootsy collins (tech funk mix)