D’Julz Detroit favs!

This Saturday 20th April, Bass Culture @ Rex Club Paris welcomes quite frankly one hell of a Detroit lineup! Pioneers of the techno movement, Octave One and DJ Rolando have been invited along by Bass Culture boss D’julz to join him for his long-standing monthly residency party.

In anticipation of such special guests and also celebrating 25 Years of Rex Club, we asked D’julz to share his all-time favourite productions out of the hallowed Motor City…


« I could have picked big Detroit classics that everybody knows and that I still love such as Rolando ‘s ‘Jaguar’, Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s ‘Hi Tech Jazz’, Carl Craig’s ‘At Les’, Derrick May’s ‘Strings of Life’…. but I could choose only 10 tracks so decided to go for some of the less obvious ones that have been regularly in my sets since I was introduced to Detroit Techno in the early 90’s » – D’julz


John Thomas – Working Night (Octave One Remix)

Octave One have always been one of my favourite acts from Detroit, there stripped down, relentless groove is irresistable. This remix for the French techno pioneer John Thomas is in my opinion amongst their bets work.



Dave Angel – Airborne, Carl Craig’s Drums Suck Mix

Carl Craig is a genius, that ‘s a fact. I could have picked at least 20 other tracks of his but this remix is a unique piece of techno. I can’t think of any other tracks without a kick drum that can make a crowd go so crazy!



Kraftwerk – Expo (Dj Rolando remix)

Rolando is mostly known for his masterpiece ‘Jaguar’ but in my opinion he is an amazing remixer. Remixing Kraftwerk is not something easy to do right, and he did manages to do better than that.



Daniel Bell – The Symphony (Can You Feel It)

Beside being one of my favourite DJs, Daniel Bell is a legendary techno producer with his DBX moniker. But with this particular track he proved he could also make disco house bombs.



Kosmic Messenger aka Stacey Pullen – Soundscape (Intricate Mix)

My favorite Stacey Pullen track , it still gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. Timeless.



Robert Hood – Interior Suspect

Robert Hood is of course known for his more minimal techno side but this more melodic tune defines Detroit’s sound.



Gary Martin – Serious Busines (I 94 Mix) (A2)

Teknotika is anotherDetroit label that I used to buy with my eyes shut. Gary has a very personal approach that differs from the classic detroit sound, he is not afraid to use samples and very unusual ones at that.



Moodymann – U Can Dance If U Want 2

Impossible to speak about Detroit without mentioning Kenny Dixon Jr. It’s not easy to sample Prince (for both legal and creative reasons) but I can’t think of a better execution than this one. The fact that ‘All The Critics Love You’ is also one my favourite Prince songs doesn’t hurt either.



E-Dancer – Pump The Move

E dancer productions were the soundtrack of the Paris 90’s rave scene, period.



Mayday – Wiggan Re-Mix

I had to finish with a track from Detroit’s Godfather. This one is less well known than ‘The Dance’, ‘Strings of Life’ or ‘Nude Photo’ but it remains a personal favourite that deserves to be played more often by the so-called Detroit fanatics. Enjoy!