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The French Scene is Growing Up”: An Interview With Molly

It’s been a little while since “French house” was a phrase to conjure with. Since the glory days of international attention zooming in on The French Touch and Super Discount, true-school house music internationally took a back seat, and French house music in particular got eclipsed by the rowdier, rockier sounds of the Ed Banger and Kitsune axis.

But of course, as is the way with underground scenes, when something is real and passionately felt it never goes away and there have been vital established names keeping the currents flowing, as well as new talents emerging over the years. Whatever trends have come and gone internationally, the likes of the mighty D’Julz and DJ Gregory aka Point G have kept the deep and dirty house beats bouncing and the basslines bumping, and younger DJ/producers have risen up through the ranks to join them: names like Charlie Naffah aka Lazar Hoche, and Emeline Ginestet, better known as Molly.

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Ginestet got her foot up in the Parisian club world as communications manager for the legendary Rex Club – where D’Julz held his Bass Culture parties from 1997 on – but in the last couple of years has been making a mark in her own right as an increasingly in-demand DJ and remixer. In advance of a proper deep house basement party Boiler Room session, we spoke to her to find out about whether her name has drug connotations and, with real house back on the ascendent, if she thinks the international spotlight is swinging back towards French house.

JOE MUGGS: Can you give a short description of your musical style?

MOLLY: I love nearly everything so it’s hard to define myself in a musical style, it goes from deep house to oldschool house, from deep techno to more pure techno. I always say a bit of house and a bit of techno… but always with groove!

What got you started as a DJ and producer?

The desire came a bit late in fact – I was around 23 years old when I discovered electronic music, and I did not have any musical education unfortunately, so the desire to play and make music came slowly after that as I was discovering this music… First came the desire to play as a DJ, but when you play you start to have some ideas or music in your mind, then it’s the time to start making your own music!


What is cool about Paris right now?

The energy in the clubs.

What is terrible about Paris right now?

The grumpy people!

Do you feel like you’re part of a lineage of French house DJs/producers? Or part of an international scene?

I never thought about relating to the history of French music, honestly. Well, I suppose maybe it’s kind of an honour if people think that of me. But I certainly don’t feel part of the international house music, either. I have been playing more shows since a year only, so at the end it’s pretty new for me. It would be pretentious to think that I am part of something so big. I’m just one person.

Are you called Molly because you look like Molly Ringwald? Or named after MDMA?

Ahahaha… None of those reasons! When I was at school, Molly was my “English name” I was given at my English classes, then my friends started to call me like that and this name followed me after that. I don’t know who found this slang word for MDMA but I don’t thank him!

Your productions seem to revolve around big basslines… what are the five best basslines in house history?

Wow, not an easy question! I would say…

Kerri Chandler – “Atmosphere”

Bobby Konders – “Poem”

KC flight – “Let’s get Jazzy”

Schatrax – “Keep on Loving”

Frankie Knuckles – “Your Love”

…but there are so many other house classic tracks that I could add to the list… so many!

Can you name us some under-appreciated French club DJs?

The French scene is growing up at the moment, and gets more and more popular in the international scene as time goes by… All artists always think that the recognition is not enough but really I think we can’t complain – and all the good DJs I know are actually starting to be appreciated at the moment. It’s a good time.

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