Hailing from Paris via London via Istanbul, don’t call our multi instrumentalist French. Born and raised in Istanbul, studied in London, relocated to Paris in 2005, and actually Berlin-Based, Tolga Fidan considers himself Turkish above all else. At just 14, Tolga was playing bass and guitar in post rock bands. Always drawn to experimental music, he was taken with the sounds of Sonic Youth, Autechre, Pansonic, and Austrian experimentalists Fennesz. From this past, Tolga’s musical interest organically morphed into deep techno, signed exclusively with Vakant, and became the label’s youngest-ever artist.

Since breaking into the electronic dance music consciousness with his first release on Vakant in 2006, he has earned the esteem of fans and techno heavyweights the world over in record time. His music has found appeal with the masses, with tracks licensed to Cocoon for their seventh and eighth season Ibiza mix compilations . His musical style sits between the sublime and the masterful, taking a creative approach to a linear sound.

Continuing his exclusive roll on Vakant, Tolga let loose his next installments ‘All Pleasure Is Relief ’, ‘So long Paris’, ‘Gaijin’ and ‘Rezil’; ‘Violente / la cadence’ alongside Anthony Collins and added eklo, Freak n’Chic and Cadenza labels to his discog, as well as remixes for Cocoon, Viva music, Catwash or Safari electronique.

Always in evolution, Tolga Fidan works with layers of complex electronic soundscapes. His roots and subsequent movement around the globe lends a fluid ethnic feel to these productions, drawing on his diverse influences, restructuring the boundaries of techno and experimenting on grooves.. Expect his first full length album this winter season !