Living in a technological and digital post modern capitalist era, which in turn is leading people in a certain autism, Techno music encourages deep meditation and patience from its listeners. It is the producers of this music to offering the tools to sculpt listening habits and dancefloors into a deeper meaning and experience. One such artist is Tony aka TC80 who was recently featured as a selector on RAor XLR8R podcast series.

TC80’s discography (started in 2015) could make you think that he’s new to the scene, but he actually is a veteran DJ who was resident DJ in German clubs for a decade. His experience in production and mixing is evident whenever he plays, able to put together different styles, eras and moods with expertise and a real sense of flow.

Unlike many other producers operating within the minimal or tech-house sphere, TC80 does not play by those rules. Continually experimenting, his releases tend to be more melodious and musically adventurous.

Inspired by Japanese video game soundtracks or psychedelic music and associated with the Berlin scene, represented by Club Der Visionaere and because his releases on Cabaret Recordings, Tony offers a delicate touch to all aspects of his music into exciting new forms. You can hear this in the captiving melodies in splendid tracks on his different releases.

His DJ sets are similarly stellar, finding a balance between a range of genres to immerse us in a trip through a hypnotizing soundscape.

TC80’s sound and skills have reached a global scale, playing in acclaimed clubs all around Europe such as Club Der Visionaire (Berlin), Closer (KIEV), Fuse (Bruxelles), Goa (Roma), Guesthouse (Bucharest), Hoppetosse (Berlin), Studio338 (London), Sugar Factory (Amsterdam)… and in the rest of the world in locations such as Phonoteque (Montevideo), Avant Garden (Buenos Aires), The Block (Tel Aviv), Panther Room (New York) or Treehouse (Miami).

He recently had a North America tour with dates in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Miami, Washington DC, Boston and a South America tour playing in Paraguay, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. Asia-Australia is planned for September – October – November 2019.

2019 is also the year for his Live debut with first performances at The Lion and Lamb (London), Hoppetosse, Era Ora Festival, Port-Odessa and Distrikt Paris.