Damien K Sahri, Sonja Moonear, Seuil, David K – Rock On The Moon – Velvet

Hold Youth – Pap’ House EP ‎ – Hold Youth


Sub Boogie Drama Ep ‎ – Karat Records

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur (A Tribute To My Lovely City) – Circus Company

Back To The Raw – Eklo


Ultravision (EP) Supplement Facts

The Nightwalker’s Discovery (EP) Circus Company


Moonapark (EP) New Kanada

w/ dOP / Prostitute / Eklo

Costes Pres. Chamaleonidae(CD) – WTM / Wagram

w/Boris Horel – He.ven / Hell.a – Eklo tools


Freak & Violence (EP) Freak n’Chic

Morning Meth (12”) Mikado Compilation – Highgrade

Musm (EP) * Moon Harbour Recordings

My House Your Motel (EP) * Raum…Musik …

w/ Tolga Fidan * The Organ The Hope (EP) Eklo

Darts (12”) on V.A Hooksey vol.1 / EKLO

Double Room (EP) / Moon Harbour


Ease your Soul Ep / Sthlm Audio

Double Jack Ice EP- Minibar

Still-nox asleep EP – Freak n’Chic

Deep Hooks EP- Lomidhigh Organic

Rencontre le Sud/ Igloo Records

Elastic Breast Ep/ Einmaleins

Brune Ep/ Minibar

She’s a Drummer Ep/ Einmaleins

It is-Split Faxin Ep/ 60 sec. Records

Blood on the Congas Ep/ LoMidHigh Lmtd

Dance (one track on Minibar compilation)/ Minibar

Detroit Candies Ep (Lee Curtiss remix) / Eklo




Franck Roger & Mandel Turner – After All (Seuil ‘Round Reshape’ Remix) – Real Tone Records

David K & Varoslav – Better Talk (Seuil Remix) ‎- Rue De Plaisance


Lee Foss  – Things Fall Apart (Seuil’s Remix) – Your Turn Girl (Remixes)- Culprit


Seuil & Matthew Herbert remixes dOP – Circus Company

Benjamin Fehr / What Do You My Track? (Seuil Remix) Nervmusic Rec.

Oleg Poliakov / Jungle Warfare (Seuil Rework) Eklo

Queen Atom / Coka Zero (Seuil rmx) – Serialism


Phiorio – Concorde (Seuil’s deep rmx) / Leftroom – Jorge Savoretti * Basics (Seuil Remix) (12″) Esperanza

Jan Driver * Kardamoon (Seuil’s Deep Reshape Remix) Electrochoc Sampler

Boris Horel * How Do I Look Like (Seuil Remix) * Eklo

Anthony Collins / Prism (Seuil L4e remix) / Doubts & Shouts Vinyl Sampler 2 – Freak n’Chic

Delete * Les Funk Del Jazz (Seuil Remix) * Safari Electronique

Mirco Violi * The Mexican (Seuil Remix) * bloop recordings

Tom Demac – prima Dona (Seuil rmx) Murmur

dOP – Mambo Jumbo (Seuil rmx) * Supplements Facts

Dyed Soundorom- Tapioka (seuil New York rehouse rmx) / Tsuba digital only


Yakine- ablonist Seuil rmx / Esperanza

Ray Okpara-This for deep (Seuil remix) / Lomidhigh lmtd

From Karaoke to Stardom- Stompin Nation (Seuil remix)/ Rrygular

Franco Bianco- Gris Cubico (Seuil remix) Minuscule

Fernando Daxta- Cq Ea8ak (Seuil kreol lover rmx)/ Sirius Pandi

Dilo & Gurtz- Tundra (Seuil remix)/ Adjunct

E-contact- Banna (Seuil remix)/ Stock 5

So Inagawa- sekitoba(Seuil remix)/ Minimood

Kyoto Young Team- CTD (Seuil remix)/ Clever Music

Rabouine House (Seuil’s Afikadeep remix) – Freak n’Chic

Jan Driver- Kardamoon (Seuil remix)/ Electrochoc




Double Room appears on Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 3 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Moon Harbour Recordings

Hooksey (Original Mix) Appears on La Terrrazza – Atmospherical Fun Club (2xCD, Mixed) – Circle Music

The Egg – Contemporary London (2xCD, Mixed) She Percs Me – Circle Music

WinterWorld 2009 (2xCD, Comp, Dig) Double Room – Toptrax Recordings

Double Room appears on Future Classics 2009 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Mixmag


RA.100 bY Richie Hawtin _ Resident Advisor

Dance [minibar #10] Appears on Milkshake CD001 (2*CD) Mix bY Cabanne * minibar

Jealous Derviche LICD01] Appears on Lessizmore Overview Compilation (2*CD) Mix bY DJ Pierre Lessizmore


Mafate [minibar #07] Appears on Freakshow Cocoon Ibiza Summer Mix (2*CD) CD02 Mix bY Raresh – Cocoon Rec.

Uneasy Circle [Einmaleins #12] Appears on Detached Works [01] (2*CD) Mix bY Jeremy P. Caulfield – Dumb-Unit