Techno wizzard. Melodic and Dark.

Since arriving on the scene in 2013 Roman Poncet has achieved the kind of widespread respect that can take decades. His natural ability and prolific output make him a formidable force within techno with a catalogue of timeless cuts already in the bag and lots more still to come.

Originally from Avignon, in the south of France, Roman relocated to Paris just a few years ago to channel his energy into music production. With laser-like focus he has dedicated his life to making music in the French capital, where he has also become entrenched in the city’s fertile scene. Under the guidance of the mighty Len Faki and DJ Deep, Roman has been cultivating his own musical identity, growing a huge following of loyal fans in the process. Support has come from numerous luminaries within the electronic music industry and, of course, from countless people who have experienced his music first-hand on dance floors all over the world.

His music is sometimes difficult to classify, standing somewhere between house and techno – yet always dynamic, full of vigour, expertly produced and highly contagious. Roman has put his music out on Arts, Deeply Rooted and Figure, with each new killer cut bolstering his sterling reputation. Since ‘Route Of Pain’, his first release on Len Faki’s Figure label, Roman has unleashed a staggering amount of music, ranging from dark, oppressive techno to more melodic house under an endless list of aliases. From Marion Poncet to his much lauded Traumer guise, Roman has been a profuse musician, with so many releases it’s almost impossible to keep track of them – especially since some of his monikers are known only to him.

With DJ Deep he has formed a deadly partnership, with two key projects helmed by the two producers: Adventice and Sergie Rezza. Under both names they have put out a scintillating series of releases culminating in a self-titled album as Sergie Rezza, which dropped on Desire Records in 2015.

Roman’s incredibly consistent output is relentless with a stack of new music already due for release, new works include remixes for Natural Flow ‘Agatha’ on Oddity, a rework of Antonio Lanana’s ‘What It’ on SK Black plus a stunning reinterpretation (with DJ Deep) of Carl Craig’s remix of ‘Transport’ by Juan Atkins and Moritz Von Oswald.

In March 2018 he released his brand new solo LP, ‘Gypsophilia’ on Figure Recordings, reinforcing his sterling rep throughout the industry and adding another milestone to his long list of achievements.

An one-man army of sorts, Roman Poncet’s tenacity and unstoppable creativity sets him apart from most of his peers. Still young and hungry, he is a musical powerhouse who is as humble as he is productive.