Currently based in Berlin Frenchman Robin Ordell output takes influence from three key European cities; Nice, London and the German capital city. His penchant for Jazz imbues his music with deep soulful grooves, characterised by improvisation, syncopation and an insistent rhythm. Deep, bassy tones, together with infectious breaks and warm loops flow through his sets and productions, while touches of minimal experimentation and a strong house motif make up his signature sound.

Growing up around funk music during his formative years in Nice, France, Robin left home early relocating to East London in 2007, where he was drawn to the burgeoning underground club scene. Influenced by the French style of the nineties, while also drawing on inspiration from deeper German minimal sounds Robin was entrenched in the fertile East London scene during this exciting era of London’s history.

2009 was a notable year in Ordell’s progression as a DJ, it was during this time that infamous London party Half Baked was conceived and he became one of their full-time residents. It was at this party where he really established himself as a versatile selector who can blend a range of styles into his sets with confidence and panache. When he’s not DJing Robin spends much of his time between his studio and record shops.

As a keen studio hound Robin is always jamming and making music, some of which has been released via labels such as Seuil’s Eklo, Discobar, Finest Hour, Hello?Repeat and Half Baked’s own record label. In 2014 he became part of the Lola ED agency, joining an array of underground luminaries and marking an important step forward in his decade-long career. In 2017 he continues to travel around Europe, with a steady flow of releases and a constant desire to channel the soul of jazz, house and funk music through his Ordell-shaped filter.

Hard working, dedicated to music for life and always full of positive energy Robin Ordell remains at the forefront of the underground movement, representing the roots of house music in their most authentic form…