John Dimas – One Against Time (lp) 


  • Label: elephant moon
  • Artist: John Dimas
  • Remixers: –
  • Title: One Against Time
  • Cat.: elm1111
  • Vinyl Release: February 2018
  • Digi Release: April 2018
  • Tracklist :
  1. In To My Mind
  2. Digital Moon
  3. Riko’s Trip
  4. Delusions
  5. Legoland
  6. One Against Time
  7. Stardance
  8. Flying Asteroids
  9. Lost & Found 
  10. Space Tastes Lonely
  11. Dreamweaver
  12. Cosmic Epiphany
  13. Sikret Universe
  14. Out Of My Mind 

Greek artist John Dimas is to release his debut album, One Against Time, on ____. It is a an accomplished 14-track journey into the cosmic mind of one of minimal house and techno’s most cherished underground producers. 

Dimas has been on the radar of those who know for nearly ten years now. His fluid grooves, minimal intricacies and ability to coax unusual rhythms from his deft sound designs has won him fans with heady DJs and connoisseur dancers alike. They come on labels like Taverna Tracks, Raum… Musik and Metereze and have been long sought after. As a DJ, he has played cult venues like fabric, DC10, and Hoppetosse and Renate in Berlin, and now runs his own respected label, Elephant Moon. It’s a place for his own work and to demonstrate his A&R skills, and now his subtle style and dexterous studio skills result in this essential and arresting new album.

Starting off slow and spaced out, otherworldly synths and alien details colour the spacious grooves on tracks like ‘Into My Mind’ and ‘Digital Moon’. ‘Riko’s Trip’ then slows things down to an ambient tinged crawl before quick and slick groovers like ‘Delusions’ carry you away to the stars. 

Punchy, icy minimal like ‘Legoland’ and thumping peak time deep techno like ‘One Against Time’ show off this producer’s great range and killer drum programming ability, while cuts like the electro tinged ‘Flying Asteroids’ are intense rides through a busy galaxy. ‘Space Tastes Lonely’ resets the mood with swirling pads and abstract spacecraft sounds and things close out with the gloopy and liquid minimalism of ‘Cosmic Epiphany’, the urgent breaks of ‘SkiRet Universe’ and the silky microhouse of ‘Out of My Mind’. 

All in all this is a brilliantly coherent album that takes you deep into Dimas’ world. It’s a place where infectious little grooves and cerebral sonic details conjure occult atmospheres that leave the real world far behind. 

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The Greek artist’s 14-track LP will land on his own Elephant Moon label in February.

John Dimas‘s debut album, One Against Time, is coming out in February 2018. 

The LP will see release via Elephant Moon, the label set up by the Greek house and techno artist in 2015. He says each of the 14 tracks « represents a moment in my life, » with nods to the key musical eras that inspired him: « New York hip-hop from the ’90s, UK garage, ambient and trip-hop, Chicago and Detroit techno and electro, and also the minimal sounds of Berlin. » One Against Time will be available on vinyl from February, with the digital version (which includes bonus tracks) following two months later. 

Listen to album cut « Riko’s Trip. » here


Elephant Moon will release One Against Time in February, 2018